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Reading across the Curriculum STEAM


Unit Theme Title Vocabulary Reading Page

1 Fun and games Fun with toys Toys A chant 4

2 Using my five senses Colourful world Colours A rhyme 8

3 Places and activities What is in this classroom? Things in the classroom A comic strip 12

4 Me and my friends Do you have these things? Stationery A web page 16

5 Me and my family A happy family Family members Birthday cards 20

6 Food and drink Yummy, yummy fruit Fruit A conversation 24

Reading skill 1 Finding information 28

Reading skill 2 Understanding pronoun references 29

7 This is me What is on their faces? Facial features;


Riddles 30

8 This is me Look at the people Parts of the body Captions 34

9 The world around us Dear animals Animals An email 38

10 The world around us Animals in action Action words (1) A story 42

11 Using my five senses Let's dress up! Clothing A leaflet 46

12 Caring and sharing We can … Action words (2) Personal descriptions 50

Reading skill 3 Recognizing the base word 54

Reading skill 4 Guessing the meaning of new words 55

Word list 56

List of text types (P1−6) 59







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