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If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please talk to a member of the team before ordering.

F=Fish / E=Egg / L=Lupin / MO=Molluscs / S=Soya / M=Milk / C=Celery / MU=Mustard / G=Gluten / P=Peanuts

SE=Sesame / NU=Tree Nuts / CR=Crustaceans / SU=Sulphur Dioxide

(S) - Small | (M) - Medium

All our prices are inclusive of VAT. Please note, a discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your final bill.

ARDEN CLASSICS (12 noon till 3 pm)

Gourmet beef burger £15.00

Served with smoked bacon, cheddar,

lettuce in a brioche, and fries (G-E-M-SU)

Haddock & chips £15.00

Beer battered haddock with chips,

crushed peas & tartar sauce (G-F-E-M-SU)

"Vada Pav" £12.00

A very popular Indian vegetarian street food

from Mumbai (craftily spiced potato fritters

on homemade soft milk bun, beetroot raita

& spiced mint chutney) (G-E-M-SU)

Ploughman's platter £14.50

Ham, pork pie, cave aged cheddar, crusty bread,

celery & grapes, pickles & chutney (G-M-SU-C-MU)

SWEETS (12 noon till 3 pm)

Crème Brulee, Shortbread biscuit £6.50


Eton mess £6.50

meringue, berries & strawberry parfait


Bread & Butter pudding £6.50

crème anglaise (G-M-E)


Olives (SU) £4.50

Bowl of crisps £3.00

Chilli broad beans (SU) £3.00

Pita bread with Hummus (SE-SU-G) £4.50

SALAD BOWLS (12 noon till 3 pm)

Chicken & bacon salad £12.95

Grilled chicken, smoked bacon, blue cheese,

avocado & baby gem lettuce with buttermilk

ranch dressing (G-E-M-SU)

Oriental noodle salad £12.95

Stir fried vegetables, cashew nuts, crispy beef,

lemon grass, chilli & lime dressing (G-E-S-SE-M-SU)

Tabbouleh (V) £9.50

Bulgar wheat, pomegranate, marinated chickpeas

avocado, cucumber, tomato, feta (G-E-M-SU)

Superfood salad with smoked salmon £13.50

Beetroot, quinoa, avocado, green beans, mangetout,

smoked salmon, roasted red onions, pumpkin seeds


SANDWICHES (12 noon till 3 pm)

(Served with crisps & dressed leaves)

Grilled Pastrami on Granary bread £9.50

Pastrami, coleslaw, Swiss cheese (G-E-M-SU)

Falafel & roasted vegetable £9.50

Grilled haloumi, hummus, roasted vegetable

on flat bread (G-SE-M-SU)

Smoked salmon bagel £9.50

Smoked salmon, watercress, chive cream cheese



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