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Part III

Disrupting Declarer’s Entries Continued

Andrew Kambites

THIS month I carry on looking at deals Could he be void in spades? If partner West North East South

where the theme is to disrupt declarer’s had seven spades surely he would have 1t 3´ Pass

communications. In the first deal your pre-empted over 2™ at this vulnerability, Pass Dble Pass 3NT

partner leads the seven of clubs to your so declarer’s shape seems to be 1-5-5-2. All Pass

queen. You cash the ace of clubs at trick Try switching to a spade at trick three.

two, partner following with the nine. How Unless he has a deeply suspicious mind Assuming partner has the ´K-Q for his

should you defend? declarer will not want to risk a first pre-empt, the best hand that declarer can

round diamond finesse, so he may lead a hold is:

diamond to the tA in his hand. By now

N/S Game. Dealer South. he will know you started with four If you continue with

´ A532 diamonds, but it is too late for him to do ´ A 10 2 a second spade, then

™ 53 anything about it. He has no way back to ™ Q84 declarer will win the

t 10 9 8 6 dummy to take a diamond finesse. When t 652 ace, discarding a club

® KJ6 he tries the ™A-K followed by a heart ® 10 9 8 4 from dummy, maybe

´ 94 ruff you overruff with the queen of try one round of

N ™ 62 diamonds. diamonds and then


t Q754 The point of this deal is that you need to force out your ace of hearts. You will have

® AQ532 remove dummy’s entry before declarer no spade to return when you win the ace

discovers the diamond break. This is of hearts. Declarer will make the ace of

another case of attacking declarer’s spades, three hearts, three diamonds and

North South communications. two clubs.

2™ 1 To beat this contract you must now

3NT 4t Another Example look at the deal with fresh eyes. Declarer

5t Pass had to withhold his ace of spades at trick

1 Acol Strong Two In the next deal you lead the jack of spades one to break defensive communications

against declarer’s 3NT. Partner encourages in the spade suit, but now you have

Did you make the ‘obvious’ heart switch? with the nine and declarer allows your another string to your bow. With a spade

Declarer has: jack to hold the trick. Can you give trick in the bag, you can see another four

yourself the best chance of beating this tricks if you can limit all further activity

He wins the ace of contract? to interplay between you and dummy.

´ Q hearts and cashes the Switch to a diamond at trick two. Then

™ A K Q J 10ace of diamonds. keep your ace of hearts to deal with

t AKJ32 Noting that your N/S Game. Dealer North. declarer's queen of hearts, denying him a

® 10 8 partner has no dia- ´ 3 lead to his hand. You will defeat 3NT

monds, he crosses to ™ K J 10 9 with the spade trick you have already

dummy’s spade ace t AKQ43 taken, the ace of hearts, two diamonds

and finesses diamonds to make his con- ® AK3 and a club. Declarer will never make his

tract. Can you see how to give him a losing ´ J7 ace of spades.

option? ™ A32 N

The bidding suggests he started with t J 10 9 8 7 W Fourth Hand Play

five cards in each red suit and two clubs. ® QJ5

That leaves room for at most one spade. I always stress the principle that the

34 English Bridge December 2011


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