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IN my experience, the vast majority of As you can see,

duplicate bridge players have adopted ♠ AK98 these cards were very

transfers over 1NT, but surprisingly few ♥ 10 5 4 well fitting, but once

have also incorporated transfer breaks into ♦ K63 partner had shown

their system. ♣ A75 ♠A-K-x-x with 14 Ed Scerri

The other day I was playing at the local points, then one can

club when the following hand turned up, envisage many differ-

and reminded me of just how valuable ent holdings in the other suits which make

breaking transfers can be. game an excellent proposition. Even if opener emphasises that by bidding

As North, I held: partner has wasted values in clubs, there three of the suit instead of two.

My partner opened will usually be some play for ten tricks. 2. With a maximum and four trumps

♠Q7652 1NT (12-14) and with I played this board late in the session, which are not good, opener rebids

♥AJ6 the opponents silent, and the traveller revealed that most of the 2NT.

♦ Q J 10 7 I bid 2♥, intending to other North-South scores were +200 for 3. With a maximum, four trumps and a

♣3 pass partner’s expec- 2♠ making eleven tricks. If one looks at useless doubleton (J-x or worse), then

ted 2♠ response, but the North hand in isolation, then it is easy opener rebids that weak suit at the

when she actually re- to see why, as it is a only a ten-count with lowest level.

bid 3♠ (a transfer break), then I needed to a terrible spade suit. This is certainly not

re-assess the situation. enough to make a move after 1NT – 2♥ – This third option

According to our agreement, a jump 2♠, but with transfer breaks available . . . sometimes facilitates Hand A

into the transfer suit promised a max- There are many different variations on finding thin games ♠K6532

imum hand with four trumps headed by this theme, and each pair will have their when we know we ♥A7

two of the top three honours. All of a favourite version*, but I find that the fol- have well-fitting cards. ♦8643

sudden, knowing that we held solid spades, lowing simple scheme works well: For example, if we ♣K6

my hand had improved dramatically, and held Hand A, with

ten tricks had become very likely. I duly 1. With a maximum and four good partner opening 1NT

bid 4♠ which rolled in with an overtrick trumps (perhaps two of the top three (12-14), we would simply transfer to 2♠

when partner turned up with: honours as shown above), then and play there. Even if partner breaks the

transfer with 2NT or 3♠ (see above), we

would still not be enthusiastic about the

chances of making ten tricks, but what if

CAMBRIDGE CLUBS partner were to respond 3♦, which would

promise a 14-point hand with four spades

TRY TO PLAY INSIDE CENTRE and a small doubleton in diamonds? This

means that we have only two diamond

Rugby pitches for bridge! In Cambridge work is underway to establish a dedicated losers, but also shows that all of partners

Bridge Centre . . . within the local rugby club (CRUFC). A pack of volunteers are in 14 points are in the other three suits

a race against the whistle that could see the 300sqm Centre open in the 2009 (where we want them) thereby making

first half. game a decent proposition.

Goal champion, Alexandra Green, refused to pass such an opportunity, declaring Look at Hand A – a poor 10-count –

that the ambitious bid, with cooperation from props and a fair dummy, looks like once again. Opposite a weak no-trump

scoring! Publicly punted in February, there is already a growing local momentum opening from partner, how many of us

and redoubling commitment to simply make it happen. could hope confidently to reach 4 ♠

A complex operation is in extra time, tackling the funding and structure of the without the use of transfer breaks?

not-for-profit organisation – dubbed the Cam Contract Bridge Centre. Plans to make

the conversion assuring a high quality bridge experience are already advanced. At

long last, it would provide a stable home and place of union for independent local *The meanings attached to each break can be

bridge clubs. varied according to taste, and some pairs like to

Fond memories of Cambridge? Interested in more information? Help us touch- break the transfer whenever they hold four

down! Contact or visit trumps (regardless of point count) as a pre-

Paul Bond, Cambridge emptive measure; others might agree to break on

three trumps to an honour when maximum. June 2008 English Bridge 29


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