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COUNTY NEWS County ‘Knock-out’ final, beating ‘Exiles’ Walden, Carl Harrison, David Hole and

Congratulations to the Avon by 78 IMPS. Well done to them again. David Frisewell, and were due to play the

newly promoted Diary Dates: don’t forget the One- Guernsey team of Dick Langham, Rudi

Grand Masters: THE West of England Bridge Club in day Green Pointed Swiss Teams event Falla, Lynne Williamson, John Seymour

Mr P Fountain of Bristol has appointed Mike Elliott as its on June 22 at the Vauxhall Recreation and Sean Galpin. Unfortunately a com-

new manager in succession to John Club in Luton (details and entry form bination of holidays and a last minute

Northamptonshire illness meant they had to concede a

Maclaren. John was presented with a case on BBA website). The Champion’s

Miss B McElroy of Devon of wine in recognition of his enormous Trophy will take place at Wilstead on 12 walkover to the Langham team.

contribution to the club over many years. June starting at 7.30pm. All qualifiers The County Open Pairs Final was

County Mixed Pairs Final: 1. Chris will be notified beforehand. played in Jersey and the first three pairs

King – Steve Tomlinson, 2. Sue O’Hara – were all from the home Island: 1. David

Hole – Marion Miles, 2. Meredith Case

Master Point Ian Duncan. County League: Div. 2 win-

ners (with an 84% score) were Phil

Berks and Bucks – Howard Basden-Smith, 3. Brian Youd

promotions Channack, Brian Wibberley, Brian Dyde, –Sue Rankin. At District level in Jersey

the League Teams was won by Brian

Peter Sherry; in Div. 1, Andrew Smith, Increased numbers in the

Avon Mr R Perrin Cathy and Ralph Smith, Steve Turner, Improver Pairs meant we Youd, Sue Rankin, Maureen Nelson,

Mrs G Perrin Steve Tomlinson have the lead; in Div. 3, could run it in two flights. Gill Hall, Audrey Moore, with Marion

National Master

Tournament The B flight, for those new Miles, David Hole, Roz Bavin, Meredith

Mrs MA Harris


Christine Bickerstaff, Rod Woodford,

2 Star Premier Mrs SA Pearce Ian and Margaret Mundy, have an to duplicate, was won by Case, Howard Basden-Smith second.

Regional Master almost conclusive lead. Rena McEvoy and Pat Whitty who Guernsey have held their AGM and

5 Star Master

Mr R Kendall after at least eight years in the Chair and

Mr BR Lee Avon and Wiltshire held a joint Green- received the South Bucks Bridge Centre

4 Star Premier several more on the Committee, John

4 Star Master point Weekend in March. Swiss Pairs win- Trophy donated by Laurie Champniss.


Mr M Krespi The A flight, for those with more ex- Seymour retired to be replaced by Mike

Mr TC Butler Mr N McAlister

ners were Gwynn Davis (Wilts) – Sue

1 Star Master Mrs R Turner Ingham (Cardiff); Avon pairs who were perience (but fewer than 5000 MPs) went Allen (this is his second stint!). It is

Mr M Churchill 3 Star Master well placed were Mike Davies – Jack to David Jukes and Tony Williams shown particularly appropriate therefore that

Master Mr CD Hall Terry, and Steve Turner – Steve Tomlinson being presented with the Margaret Hatch John should win the Harland Trophy

Mrs KS Monaghan 2 Star Master which is awarded to the Guernsey player

in joint 5th place. The Swiss Teams was Memorial Trophy by Tony Hatch (centre).

District Master Mrs MP MacGregor who ranks highest in County and

Ms L Priess Mrs M Meadows

won by the Bath / Bristol combination of

Mr P Schmidt John Doran, Hugh Thompson, Colin District Competitions throughout the

1 Star Master

Club Master Mrs AL Catto Cheek, Bill Crymble, with John Atthey – year; Colin Tostevin was second and

Dr R J Hardie Mrs J Davis Dan McIntosh among the runners-up. Robert Plumley third.

Mrs M Loudoun Mr MJ Goodgame Finally, congratulations to Guernsey’s

Mr C Oakley Mrs PF Jones

In the South West Regional Final of the

Mr B Porter English National Pairs, the following Avon James Fattorini who was playing a high

Local Master

Ms C M Green Mrs JE Terry pairs qualified for the National Final: standard of Club Duplicate on his 90th

Mr B Kumral Advanced Master Cathy and Andrew Smith, Duncan Cairns birthday. Earlier in the year (playing

Mr B Wibberley Mr RJ Lott (with Rob Lawy of Somerset), and Marc with John Seymour) he had been runner

Master up in the County Restricted Pairs

Bedfordshire Mr KG Carver

Lee – Tony Gammon. In the NICKO, the

Premier Life Mrs K Hoffelner team of Andrew and Cathy Smith, Steve (Upper Level). Well done, James.

Master County Master Turner and Steve Tomlinson has reached

Mr SJ Abley Ms G Burkitt the last 32. David Jones, in partnership Numbers playing in the two club-based

Mr AJ Oddie Mr RJ Clark


with Tony Ratcliff, came 4th in the Welsh competitions were also up on last year –

3 Star Premier Mrs ML Collins

Regional Master Mr LR Moss National Pairs Final. Andrew and Cathy 93 pairs contested the Club Pairs Final

Mr D Woulds Mr BF Taylor Smith were the winners of the Bristol won by Reading’s Tony Parkinson – John CONGRATULATIONS to

14 Star Premier District Master heat of the Portland Pairs. Greenhalgh, ahead of Lyn Holman – Jill and David Newton,

Master Mrs M Bracken In the Western League, Avon is having John Crook of Bradshaws. The Club Teams Lawrence Haynes and

Mr R Stanley Ms E Foster Cambs’ Michael Seaver,

Mrs EJ Swain

a good season and lies joint first overall Final went to Thame, Andrea Smith –

8 Star Premier after five of seven matches. who won the Swiss Teams

Master Ms EJ Tory Steve Elliott playing with the EBU’s Peter

Mr T Pearce Mr PL Warwick Jordan and his niece Lisa Massey. in the Torquay Spring Con-

2 Star Master Area Master

Bedfordshire Simon and Judy Galvin won our heat gress. They led into the pen-

Dr JTR Sharrock Mrs S M Long ultimate round, in which

Mrs S Mitchell

of the National Newcomers Pairs but

District Master

Mrs R Winstanley Nick and Lesley Higham were the highest they had their only defeat, but a final 17-

Mrs EA Greenwood JOINT winners of the 3 win gave them victory by 1 VP. Forty-

Mr PA Kilduff Club Master nationally – 35th out of 222 pairs.

Mr A Barker Seniors’ Pairs in March Well done Chris Moir – Ron Vass on four teams competed. Congratulations

Area Master

Mrs G Lloyd were Brian and Rita winning the Seniors Pairs; should I men- also to David Wiltshire and Alan Biggs,

Mrs B Talboys

Mr R Lloyd

Club Master Mrs MB MacKenzie

Keable, and John Andrews tion they were also eligible for the Veterans who won the Plymouth heat of the New-

Dr K Rickson Ross – Tim Sharrock. The Prize? This went instead to Charles King- comers Pairs and were third nationally.

Berks & Bucks Mr D Martin Veterans’ prize went to Farlow – Amanda Hawthorn. And to Wally Heaton and Jo Bryant, who

Mr EM Timms Mary and Peter Hutton. The County qualified for the National Pairs final.

National Master Mrs KA Vickery The League of Eight season has finished.

Mr MB Miller Mr J Ward Pairs in April was won by Ron Davis – Well done to Amersham CC A team on The last event of the Cornish season,

5 Star Regional Local Master Alan Oddie, the Plate competition going breaking the duopoly of New Amersham the John Perks Green-pointed Cup final,

Master Mrs V Hughesdon to Paul Habershon – Pamela Smith. Well A and Reading A in Division 1. The other was won by Val Manicom – Andy Tooley,

Dr NG Hague done to all concerned.

Cambs & division winners were Austenwood A, from Steve Stratton – David Daniel, and

4 Star Regional

Hunts Congratulations to Graeme Robertson, Burnham D, Bradshaw A and SBBC A. Jean Law – Richard Draycott. These


Mr DH Killick Premier Life an ex-Bedford School and Beds league Congratulations to David Barnes and three pairs now qualify for the Inter-

3 Star Regional Master player who has been selected to play for Nigel Guthrie on winning the Grand county Pairs championship in May.

Master Ms C Curtis the U20 English team. He competed in Masters by a good margin, with Ed Scerri The Liskeard Lot(Mike Booth, Colin

Dr D Grieve 4 Star Premier the Channel Trophy, which England won and Richard Palmer in third place. Pote, Janet and Roger Putnam) again

2 Star Regional Master playing against France, Holland and

Master Mrs A Green Diary Dates: June 1, Friendly and won the Eastern League and will meet

Mrs J Simpson Premier Master Belgium. He also played in the Peggy Student Pairs: June 15, AGM and Swiss Double Entry (Jan and Ken Keast, Mick

Regional Master Mr R Morris Bayer Junior Home International, where Pairs. and Mary Robson), who won the Western

Mr R Donnelly Mrs T Watts England came second to Scotland. League, in the final. The County Knock-

7 Star Premier 3 Star Master With a few matches still to play in the out final will be between two Truro

Master Mr A Bevan Channel Islands

Mrs M R Edwards

County League, the championships of teams, the Keasts, Jo Bryant and Wally


3 Star Premier Mr P Burkinshaw

both divisions are already decided. ‘Tudor Heaton, and Margaret Warner, Janet

Master Mrs VJ Donert Rose’ (Alan Oddie, Ron Davis, David THERE was an unsatisfac- Heath and the Robsons.

Mrs JS Tauber Area Master Harris, Jon Williams) have won Division tory ending to the County

1 Star Premier Mrs JE Goddard 1 again, while the champions of Division Teams Competition. The

Master Dr R Herbert Cumbria

2 are ‘Tetrad’ (Chris Parkin, John Hurst, Jersey finalists, Peter and

Mrs A Chamberlain Mrs V Joubert

Mike Sim, Val Lawson, Ian Wilson). Gill Pitcher, Celia Skinner

Premier Master Club Master

Mr JR Chamberlain Mr TRH Lyons Continuing their success, favourites and Mike Newman, had scored a good OUR Pivot Teams Competition was

‘Tudor Rose’ also recently won the win over last year’s champions, Harold played on February 24th. As usual, a low

42 English Bridge June 2008


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