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attendance but enjoyable. Winners were lation Pairs: 1. Jacqueline – Robert

Master Point Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman, Dave Devon Baker; 2. Sallie Green – Robert Mabley.

promotions Mullany and Colin Woods. Second were

Janet and David Sheppard, John Robin- Swiss Teams: 1. Lawrence Haynes, Mike

Seaver, Jill and David Newton; 2. Ann

MANY congratulations

son and David Latimer. to Brigid McElroy on be- Bawdon, Ken Bawdon, John Smithson,

Mr R Parker 2 Star Tournament Betty Smithson; 3. Doreen Charteris,

Mr STS Stokes Master The annual Cumbria Congress was held coming a Grand Master.

Mrs J Turton Mr D Davey in March at a new venue, The Hydro Enid Hamon and Marie Horlock, John Amor, Richard

Local Master 5 Star Master Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere. Con- Mike Hamon won the Currie.

Dr C Edlich Mr DM Meek gratulations to the Organiser, Janet Diary Dates: June 15, AGM followed

Exeter heat of the Portland Pairs and

Channel 4 Star Master Sheppard , on a well run event and to the by the county Swiss Teams; June 27-29

Mr M Gregory were fourth overall.

Islands Hotel which provided a high standard of EBU English Riviera Congress (green

2 Star Master No prior qualifying rounds for the

National Master service and playing venues. points); July 20, Devon One Day Green

Mr R Falla Miss NJ Sandom Devon Pairs Championship (Julia Chad-

Advanced Master The main prize-winners were: Ladies’ wick) were held this year, but a Point Swiss Teams.

1 Star Premier

Master Mrs MG Sproson Pairs: 1. Kathleen Bell – Tink Steven; 2. qualifying round and final were held on

Mr HF Bacon Master

Area Master Mr JL Clarke

Ros French – Diana Drysdale. Gents’ the same day. Only a disappointing Dorset

Pairs: 1. John Maclachlan – Bruce thirty pairs took part altogether. Results:

Mrs S Corbet County Master

Mrs S Garry Mrs JE Ridgewell Denwood; 2. E. Evans – B Ripley. 1. Jim Grant – Stefan Lindfors; 2. Brigid

Champ Pairs (Penrith Trophy): 1. Janet McElroy – Ruth Edmondson; 3. Carol NATIONAL results: Nat-

Club Master District Master

Mr J Garry Mr A Robotham and Ted Latham; 2. Catherine Draper – Ritzen – Richard Carter. These three pairs ional Pairs Bristol Region-

Mrs SM Youngson Area Master qualify to represent Devon in the al Final: winners, Miles

Local Master

Andrew Woodcock. Consolation Pairs

Mrs B Golding Corwen Trophy. Cowling – Chris Kinloch

Mr BA Powell (Hunter Cup): 1. Ian Rankin – Mike

Club Master

Another successful North Devon Week- (Hants). Portland Pairs: 17th. Miles

Mrs E Batten Stanbury; 2. Glenda Lloyd – Peter

Cornwall end was held in March with forty-four Cowling – Daphne Philipps; 34th. Doris

Local Master Boardman. Whitehaven Cup: 1. Keith

2 Star Regional pairs and twenty-nine teams taking part. Hutchinson – Roy Riley. Ranked Masters

Master Mr PM Guppy Ashcroft, Michael Prior, Andrew Wood-

Mr AJ Wilkinson Results: Swiss Pairs: 1. Mike Gregory – (Premier Life): 5th. Helen Ackroyd –

Mrs V Clifford cock, Catherine Draper; 2. John Farmer,

Neil Marsden, 2. Geoff and Nethie Martin Brook.

6 Star Premier Direct Babs Matthews, David Strawbridge, Tim

Master White, 3. Sandra Bennett – Maureen County Results: in the County KO Final

1 Star Regional Matthews. Best ascenders: Leo Lehninger, Richard Vessey, Claire Hillyard, Harold

Mr B Colvin Baser. Swiss Teams: 1. Carol Ritzen,

Master Tink Steven, David Latimer, John

4 Star Master Mr B Capal Richard Carter, David Southcombe, Wayne and Janet Smith beat Miles

Mrs J Tregarthen Robinson. Champagne Challenge: 1. Brian Cowling, Phil Norman, Daphne Philipps

Advanced Master Regional Master David Woulds; 2. Alison Pollok, Ann

Mrs H Capal

Senior – Kumiko Ishii; 2. Clive Wood – and Martin Brook. As Richard and Claire

Mrs V Mably Wendy Blyth. Slee, Ruth Edmondson, Brigid McElroy;

County Master Local Master

3. Geoff and Nethie White, Jenny Flood, are unable to attend the final, Janet and

Mr PP Coad Mr DM Cox On April 13th, the County Champion- Harold will be representing Dorset in the

ship Pairs was won by Ken Anderson – Phil Palmer.

Area Master Dorset Fifty-six pairs and forty-eight teams Pachabo with Martin Brook and Miles

Mr AJ Biggs

Life Master

Tony Bartlett, who led at half time and Cowling (selected as beaten finalists).

Mrs AJ Studd stayed ahead to finish at 62.87 % . This took part in the 53rd Devon Congress in

Miss MF Wilson

Torquay. Results: Championship Pairs: 1. Weymouth College Trophy: 1. Keith

Cumbria 8 Star Premier was just ahead of the 62.28% of Tim Bartlett, Clive Russell, Chris Stevens and

Regional Master Matthews – Ian Reeves, who shot up John Harriman – Bill Ellis; 2. Ann Slee –

4 Star Premier Hilary Brain; Garden Cities: John

Regional Master Mr JF Rutter Amos Bridgman; 3. John Amor – Richard

from 10th place at half time. Gardner, Margot Wilson, Janet Smith,

Mr J Maclachlan Premier Master Currie. Secondary Pairs: 1. Dorothy and

Premier Master Mrs DE Hutchinson Robert Foster; 2. Lynne and Ron Heath; Harold Wayne, Claire Hillyard, Richard

Mr R B Denwood Mrs E Rundle Derbyshire 3. Paddy Bowen – Brian Browse. Conso- Vessey, Ron and Lynne Heath beat four

Advanced Master Tournament

Mr GJ Graham Master

Mrs H Parsons Mrs FB Hicks

Mrs E Ritson 3 Star Master THE Inter-Club League

County Master

Mrs KM Jackson

Mr CA Lee

Mrs SF Lee

Teams of Eight winners

were: Div. 1, East Mid-




2 Star Premier

Mrs ME Osmond

Mrs EL Roberts

lands White; Div. 2,


Regional Master Chesterfield A; Div. 4,

Mr D Briggs County Master

Mr D Evans Burton A; Div. 5, Burton B.

9 Star Premier


Mrs ME Taylor The team that won the Eric White Cup

Mrs M Mound

Area Master for the Teams of Four Championship was

Mrs A Richardson led by Paul Madden and included John

6 Star Premier

Master Club Master Squibb, Ron McEwan, Stephen Lally,

Mr JA Wootton Mr GF Croft

Mr M Joseph Derek Brooks, Steve Cave and Richard

4 Star Master Edwards. Peter Kelly’s team was second.

Mrs AT Pease

Mrs PA Cardy

Mr C Robertson Local Master The Winter Plate was won by Roger

Master Mrs M G Cadby and Jennifer Floutier, and Arnold and

Mr C Warbrick Essex Sandra Chandler. In second place was

Local Master the team captained by Randy Curzon.

1 Star Regional

Mrs J Mann

Master Malcolm Young – Alan Kenny won

Devon Mr L Lapszys the Leicestershire Green Point Pairs and

Grand Master 9 Star Premier Don Smedley’s team, containing John

Miss B McElroy Master

Mr R Webb

Griffin, and Peter and Sheila Kelly, were

Premier National second in the Green Point Teams.

Master 6 Star Premier

Mr WJ Ellis Master Following more years than he may

4 Star Premier Mrs M Bickford care to remember, Don Smedley is

Regional Master 5 Star Premier standing down as Derbyshire’s County

Mrs M Curtis Master Tournament Director. The DCBA

2 Star Regional Mr L Raven

Committee wishes to thank Don for the

Master 6 Star Tournament

Master tireless, professional service he has given

Mr M Gibson

5 Star Premier Mr P Williamson to bridge in Derbyshire.

Master 2 Star Tournament Diary Dates: June 11, First round of

Mr R Arnheim Master the Summer Pairs. June 25, Individual

Mr S Haigh Mr DF Clark

Mr PJ Lucas 1 Star Tournament

Championship for the Gerry Fletcher

4 Star Premier Master Cup. July 19/20th, Notts Green Point

Master Mrs P Clark Event at Spondon. July 23rd, Men’s Pairs

Mrs BJ Harrison Mr D Warren Championship for the Peter Dodson

2 Star Premier Tournament Shield and Ladies’ Pairs Championship

Master Master

Dr L Homewood Mr FJ Davies for the Corry Cup. July 24, First round of

the Three Counties Teams of Four Event. June 2008 English Bridge 43


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