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other teams in an all-play-all qualifier Veronica O’Brien, 2. Chris Rastin – Dave

Master Point promotions and will represent Allendale BC at the McCarthy 3. Barbara and Chris Ide. Essex

regional qualifier. Gee Trophy: 1. Mark Pairs: 1. Mary Homer – Tom Fox, 2. Ray

Miss JS Duthie 8 Star Premier Premier National Kent Hooper, Sarah Fazakerley, Mike Pownall Cornell – David Clark, 3. David Tennet –

5 Star Master Master Master Premier Life and Jo Walsh. Angela Spittal; Consolation Final: 1. Danny

Mrs C Wallace Mrs B Bennett Mr RT Harden Master Diary Dates: June 1, 2.00pm, Swiss Roth – Manny Marks, 2. Robert Elliott –

Mr ME Wood 5 Star Premier Mrs A Tinn Mr LJ Sedar

4 Star Master Master Teams for the Allendale Trophy, Allendale Sandy Riach, 3. Michael Watson – Jacek

3 Star Premier Premier National

Mrs BA Banks Mr S Speed Regional Master BC, Wimborne. June 22, 1.00pm, Bour- Lapszys.


Mrs P Kenton 3 Star Premier Mr P Levi Mr N Benn nemouth One-day Green-pointed Swiss Diary Dates: July 13, Mixed Teams.

Mr MJ Langstone Master Teams, Bournemouth University. July 13, July 19/20, Essex/Herts One-Day Swiss

1 Star Premier Mrs D Charteris

3 Star Master Mrs JJ Ashby Regional Master 2.00pm Swiss Teams for the Boston Cup, Pairs and Swiss Teams.

National Master

Mrs II Bessel 2 Star Premier Mr D Carter Mr AF Gibb Shaftesbury Bridge Club. Aug 3, 2.00pm,

1 Star Master Master

Premier Regional 10 Star Premier Swiss Teams for the Weymouth Cup,

Mrs R Abel Mr RD Assad

Master Regional Master Gloucestershire

Mrs B Murphy 4 Star Tournament Mrs F Littlewood Mrs VA Reeves

Allendale Community Centre; cup win-

Mrs R Perryman Master ners must be National Master or below,

Mr CDJ Sainty 8 Star Regional 3 Star Premier

Mrs LI Parkhurst Regional Master but the event is open to all. THE two major County Teams compe-

Mrs J Wallace 1 Star Tournament Master Mr J Davy Feel free to email any information of

Advanced Master Master Mrs P Reed titions have both produced winners

Mr AM Foster interest for inclusion in this column to

Mr JR Court Mr DV Binns 3 Star Regional recently. In the League First Division, it is

Mrs PE Skull Master 9 Star Premier

Mrs PM Davies Master congratulations to Paul Denning, Richard

Mr JS Szczuka Mr G Lewis

5 Star Master Mrs C Cadiz Butland, Richard Chamberlain, Andrew

Master Mr G E Broadbent 2 Star Regional

Mrs AL Davis 2 Star Tournament Essex Kambites, Chris Kinloch, who have won

Mrs J McDonald Master Master

Mr HW Luxmoore Mrs I Shelley-Smith Mr MJ Dill

with a match to spare. In the Knock-Out

Mrs J Parrott Mrs Z Taylor Final, a much narrower win (4 IMPs over

4 Star Master 22 Star Premier

Mrs KE Praill Tournament MANY congratulations to 48 boards) saw substantially the same

Major D Sebag- Master

Mr J Tollfree Master

Montefiore Mrs MDC Rodbourne Mr WB Kennedy Audrey Hartley who was team, with John Atthey replacing Chris

Mr M Wallace

County Master 3 Star Master 12 Star Premier Mrs L Korde in the winning England Kinloch, triumph over Tony Hill, Roger

Ms J Percival Master

Mrs H Davidge 4 Star Master team for the Lady Milne Jackson, Tony Letts and Alan Wearmouth.

Mr SJ Davidge 1 Star Master Mr RG Reed Mrs FM Baker

Mrs S Gorley

Trophy. In the Swiss Teams, the premier competi-

Mr G Edmonds 10 Star Premier Mrs DF Baxter

Mr K Mitchell Mrs JA Grevatt Two Essex pairs, Dave tion was won by Paul Denning, John

Master Mrs JK Sharp

Mr MH Rand Mrs ED Hardwick

Mr JE Mills 3 Star Master Duffy – Bernie Harrison, Cecil Leighton Atthey, Dan McIntosh, Patrick Shields;

Mr PE Rogers Dr MJ Hardwick – Jacek Lapszys, are to be congratulated the subsidiary competition was won by

Mrs M Still 6 Star Premier Mr KG Marsh

Ms J Simmons Mr LR Shields on qualifying in the National Pairs Re- Alan and Judy Sanis, Lindsay Geddes,

Advanced Master Master

Area Master 2 Star Master gional Semi-finals. In the Portland Pairs Tony Hill, Keith Sharp, Alan Wearmouth.

Mrs R Gache Mr CJ Goodban

Ms VI Meader Mr IJ Collins

Mr WGR Turner Mr MH Wadsworth Trophy, Laurie and Stephanie Burtt The Swiss Pairs was won by Paul Denning

Mr M Songhurst Mrs V Smith

Club Master Master Tournament finished in third place. – Tony Hill by a margin from Derek Rue

Mr CT Broughton- Master 1 Star Master

Mr R Bingham Mrs ML Aitken The winners of the League Cup for the – Patrick Shields. Congratulations to Val

Mrs M Eves Pipkin Mrs C MacNaughton

Mr R Tripp Mrs HJ Nunn Dr S Goldwin 2006/2007 season are Waltham Foresters Constable on winning the County Indivi-

Mr CP Hickson Advanced Master

Mrs L Murrell Mrs P Yeoman Mr RH Nunn (Tony Verran, Remi Tatur, Andy Barker, dual with a huge score in excess of 68%.

County Master Mrs B R Segall Dr CJ Brian Keith Mattacks, John Stimson, Stuart This year the County has returned to form

Mr J Parsons Mr DG Millson

Mr R Perera Mr S Crawford 3 Star Master Dunstan), who beat Chelmsford Black in the Midlands Counties League, winning

Mr WJ Davies Mr P Tinsley

Local Master Mr K Farraway (Brian Berkley, Ivan McLauchlan, Ray the Dawes Trophy again. Well done.

Mr MH Jaworski Mr JDA Hart Master

Mr JF Burke Mrs C Costello Jones, Nick Hunt and John Williams) in Nationally, pride of place goes to Chris

Mrs J Campfield District Master 2 Star Master

Dr N Silk Mrs S Craker the final. The winners of the Premier Kinloch for his victory in the National

Mrs P Hill Mr G Everitt

Mrs AM Weaver Mrs JE Engel

Mr V Murrell Mrs P Waterfall

Mr EW Orriss

League for the current season are May Pairs Final playing with an out-of-County

Mrs CK Rayner Local Master 1 Star Master and Baker (Jill and Roger Tattersfield, partner. Joe and Wendy Angseesing,

Mr CM Wall

Mrs EA Smith Mr C Garrod Mrs MM Stanbury

Miss M Glover County Master Martin Smith, Ted Cockle, Alaric Cundy, Lindsay Geddes and Graham Sadie also

Advanced Master Mr TJ Connor Chris Megahey), who beat Waltham deserve congratulations for coming equal

Gloucestershire Herefordshire Mrs YA Cookman Mr JH Metcalf Foresters (see above) in the final. first in the Shropshire Swiss Teams. In the

4 Star Premier National Master Master District Master

Regional Master Mr JH Thacker Mr RO Cave

Results of other recent Essex compe- Gold Cup, Paul Denning’s team is through

Mr P Beckenham

Mr DP Hauser 5 Star Master Ms SA Hughes Mrs M E Blackman titions are: Essex Spring Seniors Pairs: 1. to Round 4 (defeating Tony Hill’s team)

5 Star Master Mrs EM Delahay Sally Miles Area Master Alan Green – Frank Morrison, 2. Sue but Andrew Kambites’ team went out at

Mrs JC Thistlewood 2 Star Master Mrs FV Paterson Mrs P Chowdhury French – Len Garcia, 3. Margaret Curtis – that stage. In Crockford’s, Paul Denning’s

1 Star Master Mrs SR Green Mr S Southworth Mr GJ Head

Mrs S Wender Sid Prince. Gwen Herga Trophies: Ladies: team has reached the final, so good luck

Mr JC Botting 1 Star Master Mrs SM Head

Mrs MP Portman County Master Dr D Master

1. Wendy Coldham – Pat Watson, 2. Mary to them. Two County teams, Constable

Mrs N Annell

Mrs L Stewart Mr J Crowe Mrs RM Conen Mr N Thomas Homer – Linda Fleet, 3. Anne Segal – and Rue, play each other in the last 16 of

Master Mr DJ Magee Mrs L Tavacoli Club Master Linda Barker. Men: 1. Peter Oake – Gad the Crockfords Plate. Keith Stanley’s team

Mrs A Bruckshaw Master District Master Mr MK Avery Chadha, 2. Tim Connett – Steve Ensor, 3. has reached the last 16 of the NICKO.

Mrs CS Scott Mrs M Clayburn Mr D Landes Mr R Payne John Birch – Rod Hudson. National Good luck to all our competitors in this

County Master County Master Mrs A Saint

Mrs NC Mitchell

Lancashire Newcomers Heat: 1. Rick Westover – hectic climax to the season.

Mr BM Cook Area Master

District Master Mr RT Jackman Mr T McWalter Premier Life

Ms D Johnston


Mrs HA Kingham Club Master

Mr K Richardson Mrs R Wilson Mr B Wattleworth

Area Master District Master

Mr M Ayres

Mr J Bird

National Master

Mrs M Taft


Mrs MJ Sherratt Mrs J Crothall Mrs M Bugden

Mr R Johnstone Miss S Chapman 3 Star Regional

Local Master Master

Mr D Sinclair Mr AWR Lowe Mr CH Dee

Mr P Pascoe Mr AJ Pinder Mrs P Barnes

Hants & I.O.W. Mr P Robbins Mr L Williamson 8 Star Premier

Area Master Local Master Master

Premier Life Mrs M Buckley

Master Ms RE Athay Mrs VF Hulatt

Mrs IMF Edge Mrs C Roberts 6 Star Premier

Mr DJ Thornton Master

Mrs JL Green

Premier National Mrs NM Waterton Isle Of Man Mrs SJ Whittam

Master 1 Star Premier

Mrs T Jerrard Club Master National Master

Mrs C Kinmond Master

National Master Mrs M Vokins Mr A Paylor

Mrs GM Harris Local Master Advanced Master

Mr P Edwards

3 Star Master

Mr J Sherman Mr SRA Baggs Dr DA Price

Mrs C Jones Mrs J Templeton

4 Star Premier Mrs J Kelly Mrs RM Price

Regional Master Mr K Templeton 2 Star Master

Mrs E Riddle

Mr TF Page Master Mr A Butler EBU Tournament Director Trevor King congratulates the team from

2 Star Premier Herts Dr P Evans Mr J Callister Stanton-on-the-Wolds GC, Nottinghamshire: (left to right) Ian Dovey,

Regional Master Life Master Area Master 1 Star Master

Mr P Aubeck Mr RE Young Mrs R Baggs Mrs GH Moreton Judy Cadwallader, Chris Blainey, David Cadwallader (captain).

44 English Bridge June 2008


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