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Wyeside to finish eighth nationally. represent Hertfordshire in the Garden

Master Point Hants and IoW County competition results: No Fear Cities Trophy. The Humble Cup was won

promotions Teams (for teams with no more than one

member ranked Advanced Master or

by Arnie Andijar-Romain, Rob Teesdale,

John Phalp and Ron Howey, who beat

THE AGM for the HIOW

above): 1. R Wilson, J Dowdle, A Davis, Sheila Evans, Bill Blackman, John Leake,

Advanced Master London CBA will be held on June

P Edwards; 2. J and T Shadforth, F and Bob Turnham in the final; the

Mr D Akhurst

Life Master 15th. and we want you to

Mrs B Clarke Nightingale, A Crocker; 3. R Johnstone, winners will represent Hertfordshire in

Mr PA Cardiff come and give your ideas

Mrs WM Sutherland C Dixon, F Grubb, E Bourne. Swiss Pairs: the Pachabo Cup. Marjorie Lukyn Cup:

Mrs AH Tulley Premier National and opinions. As it is over lunch time,

1. S Evans – P Pearce, 2. J Homes – J 1. David Harris – Jon Williams, 2. Tara

Master Master light refreshments will be served. Bridge

Mr DPM Dunn Holder, 3. J Thacker – D Weller. Mixed and Stan Harding, 3. Bernard Eddleston

Mr DW Briggs follows on at 2pm. as usual, and is a

National Master Pairs: 1. K Fairweather – J Thacker, 2. C – Tony Slater. Cadet Teams: 1= Kings (Bert

County Master ranked competition so another oppor-

Mrs J M Davis Mr TJ Gauld and A Brown, 3. S Mathews – J Griffiths. Smith, Peter Pearce, Howard and Elaine

tunity for the less experienced to play at

Mr G Stewart 11 Star Premier Club Teams of Eight: 1. Hereford B. Atkins) winners on the split tie, and

Regional Master their own level.

District Master Multiple Teams of Four: 1. M Ralph, J Hemel Hempstead (David Blasebalk,

Dr V Hajela Dr TM Coulson National successes: Chris Kinloch –

Thacker, K Fairweather, C England; 2. J Meg Evans, Anne Futerman, Michael

Mrs G Jones Premier Regional Miles Cowling won the regional finals of

Master and T Shadforth, C Malim, B Dorey; 3. K Futerman); 3. Welwyn Garden City “A”

Mr CA Kenyon the National Pairs competition and then

Area Master Mr D Gesua Neale, L Scott, J Holder, J Homes. Ace of (Jill Mumford, Sara Barnett, Michael

topped it by winning the final too – what

Mr A Conley 1 Star Regional Spades (for players ranked below Advan- Rudd, Louise Tavacoli).


you would call a convincing win! David

Mrs L Hepworth ced Master): 1. J Winney – K Ray, 2. R

Mr PL Roberts Miss CM Girardin and Rosemary Spencer won the Mixed

Gabb – M Edwards, 3. J Crosland – N

Mrs A Thomas Regional Master Pairs in Harrogate. Bob McRobert was

Lyons. County Championship Pairs: 1. H


Club Master Mr TW Pelling part of the team that came third at the

Mr H Crisp Brace – K Nelson, 2. S Munday – K

2 Star Premier London Easter Congress, and was also

Mr D Spencer Master Fairweather, 3. J Thacker – M Ralph. WELL done to Jeremy

Miss H Thygesen

part of the team that came third at the

Mr MJ Stanton Diary Dates: June 21, 1pm, HBA and Willans – Ian Draper for

Mrs C Walne Mrs LS Vestey

Wiltshire Congress. Congratulations to

GCBA Green Point Swiss Pairs. June 22, winning the 2008 Larsky

Local Master 3 Star Tournament them all.

11am, HBA and GCBA Green Point Swiss Cup. There was 9 IMPS

Mr DK Dugdale Master County results: Simultaneous Pairs:

Ms K Higson teams – both at the Larruperz Centre, between them and Brian

Dr D De Almeida 1. Barry Tobutt – Mark Whitlock, 2.

2 Star Tournament Ross-on-Wye. Crack – Dean Mortlock

Leicester Kathy Vaile – John Moore. Pivot Teams:

Master who came second. Twenty-six qualifying

3 Star Regional 1. Mac Nurmohamed, John Jones, Karen

Mrs S Cooper pairs from the clubs played against each

Master Dewar, Mac Lowcock; 2. Sula Turpin, Hertfordshire

Mr MR Deakin 5 Star Master other in the green-pointed final.

Mr L Klein Marian Stephens, Sheena Lanham, Tony

10 Star Premier Congratulations to Kent players who

4 Star Master Page. Candover Mini-Swiss Teams: 1.

Master were winners over the Easter weekend:

Mr L Clayton Ms RE Stanley Chris and Richard Ray, Dave Hale, Mac CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Doye

1 Star Master

Blackpool Swiss Teams (on a split tie):

Ms S Northen Lowcock; 2. Claire and Ian Fearon, Barry – Michael Rawlins for a magnificent Jeremy Willans – Jill Skinner (with

1 Star Tournament Mrs M Knoll Tobutt, Dick Heaseman. Bayer No Fear second place in the National Pairs Final.

Master Master Lancashire’s Catherine Draper – Andrew

Pairs: 1. John Sheperd – Christine At the London Easter Festival, Celia and

Mr D Craig Mr R Blausten Woodcock); London Swiss Teams B Flight:

Brayford; 2. Linda and John Turner. Derek Oram won the Championship

3 Star Master County Master Alex Gibb, Margaret White, John Davy

Miss GM Ellington Graham Cup Swiss Teams: 1. Kathy Vaile, Pairs. In the Ranked Masters Pairs,

Mr F Travers and Graham Pope; London Swiss Pairs B

Mr AJN Wood Mr R Howe John Moore, Dave Huggett, Jeremy Francis Eddleston – Julie Abley were third Flight: Neil Benn – Philip Gee.

1 Star Master Mrs C Murphy Baker; 2. Chris Kinloch, Miles Cowling, in the Premier Life Masters, Tony Harden

Miss P Newsome In the Golfprint Final, the Chislehurst

Mrs G Chivers Steve Turner, Steve Tomlinson. – Mark Gurney were second in the

Advanced Master Ms M Stanley Golf Club team of Brian Grimwood,

Diary Dates: June 15, AGM (12 noon) National Masters. In the Portland Pairs,

Mr D Pimm District Master Janne Green, Simon Smollet and John

Mr PG Chapman & Finale ranked pairs (2pm). July 3, Helen Robinson – Mike Aslett were the

Mr RL Shah Chapman won all their matches in the

Master Mrs D M Kirby Kidney Research Sim Pairs (clubs). July top-placed Hertfordshire pair in tenth final and came in second.

Mr D Pettitt Mr C Percy 6, Joyce Pick Open Teams. All the above place. Congratulations also to Rick Irwin

Mr M Ranis Congratulations to Alex Baker – David

Mrs EC Steele will be held in Romsey and start at 2pm – Julie Abley who won the Swiss Pairs at

Mr MP Sheedy White, winners of the Kent heat of the

County Master

Mrs C Sidney- unless otherwise stated. Please try and the Shropshire Congress held at the

Mr PT Simpson National Newcomers Pairs; they came in

Woollett enter by the previous week if possible. excellent Shrewsbury School venue.

Area Master the top ten nationally, competing against

Mrs S Todorovic Entries to Lillian Craigen 02380 Local Events: Championship Pairs

Mr H Bennett Mr MA Wellby over two hundred players.

Mrs SI Tyler 254276 or events2@ Final: 1. Alan Kay – Dave Walker, 2.

Area Master Some of the League results for 2007/

Mrs G Walton Anne Flockhart – Vernon Gaskell, 3.

Mr T Booth 2008 are now in: Kent League East, won

Local Master

Mrs W Miller

Mrs M Gordon- Herefordshire Bernard and Margaret Eddleston, 4. Tara by Linda Radford, Didier Levy, Kate and

Smith Harding – Bill Thurl; these pairs will be

Mr TDM Goumans Philip Morgan, Bridget Thorn, Anne

Lincolnshire invited to represent Hertfordshire in the Kelly; Mid Kent League, John Culling-

Mr K Lewis

Premier Life Mr L Lubaszewski THE Inter-Club Teams League was won Corwen Trophy. The Desmond Flockhart worth, Dick Payne, David Stretton, Paul

Master Mr R Mapp by Wyeside B, with Hereford E & B Trophy was won by the Welwyn Garden

Mrs DO Brown

Willis, Ian Butler.

Mr P Railing second and third of the fifteen club City ‘A’ Team of Anne Flockhart, Mike Diary Dates: June 22, Butler Swiss

3 Star Regional Club Master

Master teams that competed over four rounds. Hancock, Malcolm Harris, Vernon Pairs Green Point One Day Event, TW

Ms AS Bragadir Margaret and Olaf Newcombe scored Gaskell, Roger Gibbons, Maria Budd,

Mr SE Knox Mrs S Komine

1pm. July13, AGM and Phillimore Cup,

5 Star Premier Mr TR Murphy 69.5% in the BGB Spring Sims Pairs at Alan Kay, Dave Walker; the team will TW 11am.

Master Mrs BP Pethick

Mr JP Aherne Mr J Vogl

5 Star Master Local Master


4 Star Master Miss E Gauld

Mr GW Holmes Mr JD Harris C.B.E. HECTOR died peacefully on 9th April. We OVER the years John made countless contribu-

Mrs SH Holmes Mrs Y Mizuguchi understand that he wished his body to be tions to all aspects of bridge, whether as a

3 Star Master Mrs M Treger donated for medical research. There will be no player, organiser, or inspirational teacher.

Mrs C Rushforth Mr RA Willey funeral and it is requested that there are no Many players in Warwickshire over the last

Master flowers. fifty odd years are indebted to his numerous

Mr RG Haywood Manchester

Hector acted as Tournament Secretary for contributions. However, it was at the table

Mr J Rowe 6 Star Premier

Regional Master Lancashire since its formation when the North that he really came to the fore and you rarely

County Master

Mr GF Johnson Mrs A Edwards West Bridge Association split up in 1987, and left it without having listened to one of his

Mr H Martin 3 Star Regional acted in that capacity also for the NWBA. He endless tales, such as when, just having been

District Master Master was responsible for all Lancs CBA’s competi- elected Chairman of Warwickshire, he spotted

Mr P Stern Mr H Stubbings tions during this time, but stepped down in the first item on the agenda: No Smoking. He

Mr D W Williams 3 Star Premier 2006. Hector received his Dimmie Fleming promptly got up and walked out.

Mrs S Williams Master award in May 2007. In recent times the county Walk out he did on 21st March 2008, but

Area Master Mr DJ Hammonds has missed his presence and counsel at taking with him in one hand a beloved pipe

Mrs S Carpenter 2 Star Premier Executive and Council meetings. and in the other a beloved card. Many people

Local Master Master

Mrs S Keast Mr L Bloohn

Our sympathies go to Jean and his family. will miss you, John Philip Birch. June 2008 English Bridge 45


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