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The Lincoln Gold final is between Wall

Master Point Lancashire and Knox, the winner invited to go to the Manchester

promotions Pachabo. The Davey final is between

Alan Brown and Glyn Elwick.

IT is my sad duty to report CONGRATULATIONS

the death of Hector Barker, Only three clubs entered the Garden

1 Star Premier 4 Star Master to: Michelle Brunner –

Master Mr DJ Kilby who was County Tourn- Cities heat in March. Scunthorpe were

John Holland on win-

Dr J Brown 2 Star Master ament Secretary from Lan- first. Keith Stewart – Andy King reached

ning the Portland Pairs

1 Star Tournament Mrs B Brindley- cashire’s formation until the final of National Pairs. March 30,

Master Clark

for the third time, ahead of Tracy Capal

2006. His unstinting work on Lancashire’s Vincents: Men’s Pairs: 1. Tony Waine –

Mrs DH Riley Mrs H Lowy – Bill Niccol; John Holland and Paul

behalf earned him a Dimmie Fleming Mike Grant, 2. Ron Wall – Brian Smith;

4 Star Master Mr FA Manches Hackett on being members of the win-

Ms V Newgrosh 1 Star Master award. (Obituary on page 45.) Ladies Pairs: 1. Maggie Neal – Vilma

ning team in the England Trials for the

Mr DM Salden Mr DR Cobbe Congratulations go to Ollie Burgess on Foot, =2. Brigid Hughes – Brenda Good-

European Championships, where they will

Miss W Zuckerman Advanced Master winning the Blackpool Easter Festival acre, and Margot Blakeney – Kath Taylor.

3 Star Master be joined by Jason and Justin Hackett,

Mr T Wheatley

Championship Pairs with Sarah Teshome. April 20th, Veterans Cup: 1. Maurice

Mr B Newgrosh Master

and npc Bill Hirst; John Hassett – Bill

Bury Swiss Pairs: 1. Peter Foster – Neil Ladlow – Mo Parsons; 2. Kath Taylor –

Mr GJ Venter Mrs MV Goldsmith Hirst on reaching the final of the Seniors

1 Star Master Thomas. Sowerby Cup: 1. Paul and Lynn Margot Blakeney.

Mrs M Hindson Knock-out with John Holland – Clive

Mr PL Harrison Mrs CM Richmond Hepworth. LCBA Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Barbara Sadly we lost two long-time players in

Owen. Commiserations to John and Bill

Advanced Master County Master Heaton – Linda Stuart. LCBA Men’s Pairs: March: Hamish Kilgour and Mike

Mrs SR Eastwick

with Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield on

Mrs A Glensy

1. Stuart Norris – Des King. Poutney. Condolences to family and

Mr P McWhirter Mr JR Ullman losing the semi-final of the Hubert

Diary Dates: June 8, Gazette and friends.

Mrs A Newby District Master Phillips. John and Bill also lost in the

Master Herald Trophy, Blackburn Bridge Club; Dairy Dates: June 8, Ghost Pairs

Mr D Backer semi-final of Crockfords playing

Mrs M Mount Mr G Diamond June 15, Poulton Swiss Teams, Poulton (pairs teamed up with a mythical pair

with Michael Byrne, Duncan Happer,

County Master Mr T Miller Bridge Club; June 28, Northern Bridge for scoring – great fun). June 22, A.G.M. John Holland, Michelle Brunner. Well

Mr J Addison Mr J Stamatov The county cups will be presented and

Prof A Bray Mrs PC Westall League – Round 1; June 29, Cumbria v done Sue Bailey who partnered John

Mr PS McIntosh Lancashire; July 4-6, EBU Northern there will be free bridge afterwards. Pain in the Really Easy Congress in Derby

Area Master

Miss A Stout Mr C Parekh Seniors Congress, Harrogate; July 26-27, and won the Swiss Pairs. Well done also

District Master M MA Rasheed President’s Cup, Poulton Bridge Club.

Mrs D Azariah Mrs S Shah

London to Haidee Schofield – Fiona Goode, 5th

Mr P Jackson Mr R Spencer in the National Newcomers Pairs, and

Mrs AI Rhodes Mike Bell – Michael Byrne, who won the

Area Master

Club Master Leicestershire MANY congratulations to

Mrs MS Davis National Pairs Northern Regional Final –

Mrs S Bailey Mr G Kirton LMBA Treasurer Stefanie the fourth year running that a

Mrs Y Barnes Ms S Newton THE Gimson Trophy

Mr G Berzins

Rohan and her partner Manchester Pair has won this event.

Local Master (Leics Pairs Champion- Audrey Hartley for

Mr D Geary Mr A Bhandari

Higson Cup Final: 1. Isolated Menaces

Mr J Hamer Mrs S Bonnell

ship) was won by Tim playing in the winning (Michelle Brunner, Boris Ewart, Rhona

Mr P Hayward Mr B Letts Glover – Peter Neville England team in the Lady Milne; to the and Bernard Goldenfield). Higson Plate

Mrs HA Saunders Mrs MJ Lewis by over 9%, with Jeff team including Peter Czerniewski, Final: 1. Hindsight Convention (H Ing-

Club Master

Mr F Engineer Norfolk Ball – Andy Mackriell, Yasser Haider – Gunnar Hallberg and Ross Harper who ham, D Fitzpatrick, C Humphrey, A

Mrs M Hernon 1 Star Tournament

Simon Stokes, and Paul Bowyer – Nick won the Seniors Trials to earn themselves Tranter). In the Manchester League, St

Mr MJ Hernon Master Stevens taking the minor prizes. the right to represent England in the Titus (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman,

Mrs S Taylor Mr PF Rogers Leicestershire League winners were: Div. Seniors Camrose, and to Ross in Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, Mike Bell)

Local Master Tournament 1, Clarendon; Div. 2, County; Div. 3,

Mrs MA Jackson particular who has also been selected to won the top division.

Master Ashby; Div. 4, Loughborough University represent England in the European

Mrs IS Green

Easter Blackpool Congress: in the Pairs

Merseyside/ B; Div. 5, County D. Seniors in Pau. Also on the international Final, Kath and Alan Nelson were second

Cheshire 5 Star Master

Mrs H Gaskin The most successful local competitors front, London is providing the coaches with Irving and Joy Blakey third; these

Premier National in Leicestershire’s Green Point Congress

Master 4 Star Master for all three teams in the Europeans, in two pairs then teamed up to win the

Mr RP Richmond Mrs VC Barrett were Ben Gibson with Northampton the persons of David Burn (Open), Rob Swiss Teams. Dave Berrisford, with

10 Star Premier 3 Star Master team-mates, winning the teams and pairs; Cliffe (Women) and Peter Czerniewski Merseyside’s Richard Acaster, won the

Master Mr PJ Carter runner-up Bill Hood with a Bedford (Seniors); and David Gold, Tom Swiss Pairs for the second year running.

Mr MH Jubb 2 Star Master partner. Townsend and Gunnar Hallberg have

Miss SJ Barley

Diary Dates: June 5, 7.30 pm, AGM,

4 Star Master The 20th Annual Charity Swiss Teams

Mrs S Bramham 1 Star Master been selected to play for England in the Manchester BC. July 20, 11am, Green-

Mr JW Burke Mrs DJ Stubbs organised by the Barkby Bridge Club Bonn Nations Cup. pointed Swiss Teams at Altrincham BC;

Advanced Master Advanced Master raised a record £700 for local charities At the London Easter Festival, Pip limited entry: Rhona 0161 280 6939.

Mrs MP Harrison Mr RG Harrowven with Vista, the charity of the Society for Railing was a member of the winning

Mr RA Walster Master the Blind, principal beneficiaries; winners: GW Arnott Davidson team; Michael

Master Mr R Hill Marcus Witt, Chris Heames, Joan and Ben Ranis – Brian Callaghan won the Swiss


Mrs PA Norman Mr G Ip

County Master Mrs S McKelvey

Gibson. Pairs, and the all-London team of David

Miss KE Beckett Mrs N Plouviez County winners: Stanley Trophy Gold, Sarah Dunn, Ryan Stephenson THE County Teams title

Area Master County Master (Butler Pairs): Heat 5, Hugh Cairns – and Liz Clery won the Swiss Teams. (Lady Connell Trophy)

Mr M Dooney Mrs AM George Steve Francis; Heat 6, Ian Bruce – Mick Well done also to Carmel Wood for

Mrs GM Knight Mrs FR Richards was retained by Andy

Mahoney, who now lead overall with one winning the Devonshire Cup and to Ned

Mr N Layhe Mr MR Richards Prothero, Chris Pope,

Club Master District Master

round to play. Leicestershire Cup (Aggre- Paul – Brian McGuire for winning the Simon Edwards, Paddy Murphy, Peter

Mrs CM Johnson Mr J E Hersey gate scored teams): Susan and Paul National Pairs Regional Final. Garner-Gray. The winners of the Eric

Mr GC Murless Mr B Roberts Bowyer, Duncan Happer, Jim Mason, County Results: Palmer Bayer Trophy:

Mrs A Pinnington Club Master Tony Odams, Simon Stokes. Buckby Cup Howarth Trophy (Open Swiss Teams) were

1. Jane Coupe – Peter Blumer. Green

Mrs H Darby (Men’s Pairs): Tim Glover – Peter Neville. Dave and Jean Keen, Ted Reveley and Bill

Middlesex Pointed Swiss Pairs: 1. Janet de Botton –

Local Master Olga Cup (Ladies’ Pairs): Valerie Challands Niccol; this is the fourth time in the last

Life Master

Mr M Drobny

Nick Sandqvist. Green Pointed Swiss

Ms C Seale – Pat Simpson. Leicester Mercury Learners five years that Dave, Jean and Ted have

Mrs M Wilson Teams: 1. Espen Erichsen, Nick Irens, Tom

Mr LR Stock Trophy: David and Rosemary Bacon. won this event. Bill Niccol – Ted Reveley

Premier National Northants Townsend, David Gold. National

Diary Dates: June 4, LCBA AGM & continued their winning ways at the

Master Grand Master

Newcomers Pairs: 1. Justyn Harding – Jon

Mr AV Mutukisna Presentations, Leics Golf Club. July 24, Bradshaw. Fox Shammon Seniors Pairs: 1. Harrogate Congress, where they headed a

Mr P Fountain

Mr DH Wing Three Counties Competition (Spondon). Bernard Teltscher – Victor Silverstone. large field to take the Swiss Pairs title.

Premier National

5 Star Regional Master Garden Cities Heat: 1. Young Chelsea The County Ladies Teams event (Jean


Mr M Tilley Red (Fiona Hutchison, Mark Lehto, Keen Trophy) was decided on a split tie

Mrs WM Alper

5 Star Premier Lincolnshire this year. The winners were Frances

2 Star Regional Dom Goodwin, Brian McGuire, Tim

Master Regional Master Davies, Jean Keen, Jill Oddie and Sally

Mr MA Orr-Ewing Gauld, Dimitre Stoev, Paul Martin, John

Mr SM Sakstein Clark, with Julia Dearing, Doris Coltman,

3 Star Premier CONGRATULATIONS Pemberton).

6 Star Premier

Master Regional Master to Andy King – Keith Diary Dates: June 1, London Trophy Jean McKeown and Kathy Wilde the

Mrs S Avoth Mr M Keogh Stewart, and David Final – spectator event at the RAC Club; runners-up.

3 Star Premier 7 Star Regional Stoddard – Sue York, 2.00pm start; contact Cecil Leighton The County Pivot Teams was won by

Master Master

Mrs C Morley Mr TE Knights who qualified for the 020 8500 0700. July 3, AGM, YCBC George and Val Eakin, Angus and Sally

National Pairs final. at 7.00pm. Free drinks and nibbles! Clark, and the winners of the annual

46 English Bridge June 2008


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