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Charity Teams event at Merseyside BC Ivor Miller – Catherine Seale were

Master Point were Joyce Kennedy, Anne Harwood, second. The MCBA Masters Teams was North East

promotions Denise McDowall and Rose Williams. won by Gulab and Pradip Shah, and

Pravin and Mansukh Shah.

Deva BC members took the first three AT the end of March

places in the North Wales Pairs Cham- At the Harrogate Spring Congress, Dave Broadhead – Liz

2 Star Regional 8 Star Premier

Master Master pionship for the Laslzo Cup: 1. Brian Mike Vail won the Swiss Teams. Simon Reese won the Darling-

Mr J Josephs Mrs P Boardman Crawford – Frank McAleyve, 2. Bob Pitts Cope finished second at the Wiltshire ton (St Georges Bridge

Mrs R Stewart Mr N Oliver – Pete Broster, 3. Paul Roberts – David Swiss Teams. Centre) heat of the

Regional Master 6 Star Premier Diary Dates: June 17, the Annual Portland Pairs, with Bob

Master Flacks. Deva BC major event winners:

Mr U Cotuk General Meeting will take place at 7pm

Mr G Parker Championship Pairs, Peter Nickson – Watts and Centre manageress Bev

9 Star Premier at the Ace of Clubs BC, followed by the

Master 4 Star Premier Brian Crawford; Championship Teams, Godfrey as runners-up. Bob and Bev

Miss ME Cooke Master David Stevenson, Peter Kaufmann, John Committee Cup at 8pm. finished 20th nationally, two places

1 Star Tournament Dr B Hnyda Hampson, Matt Foster. Pivot Teams, Ron Do report points of interest to ahead of Dave and Liz.

Master Mr WJ Zakrzewski The Kempson Vase final (multiple

2 Star Premier and Wray Walster, John Burke, Bob

Mr K Wise teams of four) was played at Stanning-

Master Master Ralph; Individual: Jim Stambridge.

Mr P Bennett Mrs BA Godfrey Diary Dates: June 5, Liverpool Open Norfolk ton in mid-April and was won by the

Mr R Griffiths Mrs J Laing Ryton team of Alex Simpson, Brenda

Pairs. June 12, Jim Davies Swiss Teams.

Club Master 2 Star Tournament Osborne, Frank and Janet Springett.

Master June 21/22, match v Dublin. June 24, Bill CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr R Tickle Runners-up were Bob Watts, Jacqui

Mr JN Dobson Hughes Simultaneous. June 26, Liver- Norfolk teenager Giles Ip

Local Master

Mr RMC Impett

Graham, Nicola Cockerill-Smith and

Mrs PH Hinett pool Open Teams. July 7, Northern who was in the South West

Mrs S Pullan Trevor Nunn representing Long Newton.

Counties League match. July 26/27 regional team that won

North East Mr T Pullan The Inter-club League ended in mid-

1 Star Tournament President’s Cup; July 28/29, BGB Simul- the GW Arnott-Davidson

Life Master April, and the winners and runners-up

Master taneous. Aug 30, Northern Counties Trophy, the junior inter- were as follows: Div. A, Hurworth A and

Mr MA Crowe

Mrs R Gray

Mr P Jackson League match 2. regional teams of eight. Hurworth B; Div. B, Durham and Hartle-

Mr KC Piper

Mr NL McTaggart


The Norfolk county team concluded a pool A; Div. C, Stockton A and Newcastle

National Master Master Middlesex season of mixed fortune with wins over A; Div. D, Whitley Bay B and Middles-

Mr J Eglington Mr B Algar Cambridge University A and B teams.

Mrs EG Foley

borough; Div. E, Cramlington B and

Mr W Sadler Norfolk hosted the annual Corn Barnard Castle; Div. F, Stockton B and

Mr CG Owen

5 Star Master Congratulations to Anne Cairdis friendly match against Ireland.

Mr P Smith

Mr AM Pryor

Parsons. Hurworth’s achievement of

9 Star Premier Rosen for regaining the Representing England in the County filling the top two places is worthy of

4 Star Master

Regional Master

Mrs JA Taylor Lady Milne Trophy and to Players section were Roger Amey, Dave note! Thanks to Gill Gold for all her work

Mr A Erskine Tony Waterlow for win- Newstead, John and Julie Aspinall, Paul

Mrs J Todd

3 Star Master running the leagues, from organising the

Miss BM Cheetham ning the Open Trials for Darby and Steve Dannell. The Club fixtures to producing the results.

7 Star Premier Mr M Craig

Regional Master the Europeans and the Players team was Mike and Barbara It is with sadness that we report the

2 Star Master Senior Trials for Camrose. Harnden, Peter and Margaret Smith,

Mr R Davies

Mrs C Bainbridge

sudden death of Norman Dykes, who

5 Star Premier Mrs E Dawson

Well done to Ian Panto for Roger Cortis, Robbie Roberson, Suzanne was a leading member and player of the

Regional Master Ms SM Findlay also winning the Senior Trials. Gill and Joe Merz. A close match Stockton club for over thirty years, and

Mrs J Angel Mrs JM Horton Congratulations to Heather Dhondy finished with England ahead. who will be missed by all his friends.

3 Star Premier Mr RF Horton for winning the Premier Grand Master The 2007-08 Norfolk and Norwich

Regional Master Mr PG Marshall

Our Vice-Chairman, Ken Spragg, has

Mr JG Brandon- Mrs B Park category of the Ranked Master Pairs. League was won by Dave Newstead’s undergone major surgery recently and is

Joyce 1 Star Master Philip Town and Neill Harcus won the team, with Mark Hill the runners-up. recovering. We hope his progress is main-

Mr AN Matthews Mr M Bowden Life Masters, and Richard Johnson won The Malcolm Connolly and Peter Smith tained, and he is soon back at the table.

Dr SM Rayner Mr D Brickland the National Masters. teams are promoted to Division 1. Diary Dates: June 1, Hurworth Con-

15 Star Regional Dr SK Mandal


Anne Rosen and Jeremy Dhondy Trophy results: the North Walsham gress. June 22, Northern Swiss Pairs,

Mrs BA Marriner

Mr E Brown Mr A Meins finished fifth in the Portland Pairs. Swiss Teams resulted in a repeat win for Alnwick. July 20, Summer Pairs final,

12 Star Regional Mrs K Meins Dhondy and Ian Pagan were seventh in last year’s winners, Dave Newstead, Terry Darlington; July 27, Summer Swiss

Master Mr V Price the National Pairs Final. Noble, Roger Amey and Mike Whiting. Teams, Hexham.

Mrs SF Bateman Mr A Scott

At the London Easter Congress, Brian And last year’s winners of the Smart

9 Star Regional Advanced Master

Mr AR Archibald

Senior won the Mixed Pairs. Nicola Trophy won it again: they are Nigel Block, Northamptonshire


Mr WR Aynsley Mrs L Badcock Smith was third and Fiona Hutchison Mervyn Scutter, Malcolm Connolly and

Mrs M Dowdeswell was fifth. Waseem Naqvi was third in the Andrew Brown.

8 Star Regional

Mr J Hudson Championship Pairs. Keith Bennett and Diary Dates: June 10, Swaffham THE County AGM took place on 16


Mrs B McDermott

Mrs JM Graham Mrs AJ Ward Jeremy Dhondy were fifth, Lynton Stock Trophy, Swaffham Assembly Rooms. April. The committee remains virtually

7 Star Regional Master and Victor Silverstone seventh, Brian June 27, Gender Pairs, Girls’ High the same. John Swan has decided to

Master Mrs ES Grievson Senior eighth and Richard Johnson tenth. School, Norwich. July 13, John Harrison / stand down as Vice-Chairman after

Mr A Lester Mr J Kitching

Mr AW Wardle

Keith Bennett, Jeremy and Heather EDP Trophy, Abbey Hall, Wymondham many years service. We would like to

Mrs L Marriott Dhondy were fourth in the Swiss Teams. (pre-qualification required). July 18, Mills thank John for his work over the years.

Mrs R Wigham Mrs J Pallister

6 Star Regional County Master

Charlotte Vine and Liz Jones were third Knight / Broke Mixed Pairs Trophies, Our new Vice Chairman will be Geoff

Master Mr D Blacklidge in the Swiss Pairs and Glyn Liggins was Girls High School. There is also a full Boulby. The only other change will be

Mrs K Pike Mrs I Burns fourth. summer programme of County Open Graham Hedley, who will our EBU

Mrs T Wilkinson Mrs EM Clarke

Mr T Wilkinson

Congratulations to Jill Feldman, Neil Pairs events, see www.norfolkbridge. delegate.

Mrs P Hall

5 Star Regional Mrs E Hayden

and Anne Rosen, and Heather and Jeremy The Norfolk and Norwich club The Broke Cup final was won by Tilley

Master Dr E Marshall Dhondy for winning the Middlesex also have an Open Pairs programme on (Mark Tilley, Mike Trask, Karl Farquhar,

Mr PJ Avery Mrs AM Young League Division I. Gill Stock – Waseem Wednesdays, please visit their website Ufuk Cotuk) who beat Miller by 56 IMPs.

Mr C Ringrose District Master Naqvi won the Middlesex Mixed Pairs; Tilley will represent the County in the

4 Star Regional Mrs N Bowden

Master Miss C Dutton

Mrs J Springett Area Master

3 Star Regional


Mrs WS Downs

Miss J Grist


Mr B Rodger Dr N Henry

Mrs A Hughes Last October Harlow Non-smokers Bridge Club heard that the Stansted Airport Community Trust would

1 Star Regional


Ms GA Keating consider applications from local sports and leisure clubs for capital expense funding. Since the club (not

Mr R McKeen

Mr E Nord Mrs B Mueller

an unusual occurrence in the country nowadays) was suffering from falling membership and the need

11 Star Premier Mr C Mundy for new tables, bidding boxes etc. we put in an application. On 17th March, to our great delight, we

Master Club Master received £900!

Mrs JL Gordon Mr FJ Aitken

Mrs J Lormor Mr J Carpenter We have also been told that we will not be considered for further grants until 2011 but we feel this

Dr PJ Prince Mrs B Impett is a positive too, as we now know we can apply again! This money will help us update equipment and

9 Star Premier Local Master help our club survive – and we hope that EBU actions with the new strategy will help us further.

Master Mr RG Beevers

Mrs MA Johnson Mr J R Jones David Carter June 2008 English Bridge 47


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