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Pachabo. The Betts Bowl final was won by place in the final of the National Pairs,

Master Point promotions Dolby (Graham Dolby, Simon Few, Ian which this year featured five Oxon pairs.

and Liz Coltman) who beat Luck in the In the Dawes/Porter/Markham league,

Notts 5 Star Master National Master Mr MCD Hall final. Oxfordshire, under the captaincy of Chris

Mrs M Pollard Mr BJ Themis Mrs BL Hodges The Eden Cup was played for the first

Premier Regional

Mr D Thrush Mr P Langford Cooper, enjoyed another successful

Master 12 Star Premier time as a quali-final. The winners were

2 Star Master Regional Master Mrs RJ Lyttle season with the A team reaching fourth

Mr M Goddard Mr A McIsaac Jim Deacon – Trevor Thrower, a fraction

Dr SF Custance-Baker Mrs JM Leslie place in the Dawes, the B team winning

Regional Master Mr A Moon ahead of Peter Fountain – Jo Skillern.

Mrs J Ackermann Advanced Master 9 Star Premier the Porter (again!) and the C team, a very

Miss J Prior These two pairs will represent the county

Mr CP Knight Regional Master narrow second in the Markham.

2 Star Premier Mr JH Rees

Master County Master Mrs MR Scott Mrs GE Reeve in the Corwen. The Murchie Lerner was Recent winners of the monthly

Mrs M Griew Mrs T Hopkins 4 Star Premier awarded for the consolation final and

Advanced Master Seniors’ Pairs events were Clive Keep –

Mrs RS Tyley Regional Master

Premier Master Mrs G Brock this event was won by Trevor Wray – Mike Brown (January), Lyn Kirby – John

Mr A Scott District Master Mrs BP Stephens Mrs M Clegg

Mr DR Pyne 1 Star Premier

Margaret Bryant only 5 MPS ahead of Gunn (February), Cyndy Lee – David

3 Star Master Mr PJ Hosier

Mrs S Spink Regional Master Mrs PA Jubert

Janice Chun – Sheilagh McIntosh. Watkins (March) and Keith Goswell –

Mrs EC Gauntley

Area Master Mrs S Birnage Mr JL Manches The Winter League play-off was won Dale Thomas (April).

County Master Ms YN Reynolds

Mr D Dobbie

16 Star Regional Mr M Skelly by Jones (Maggie Jones, Brian Davies,

Club Master Master Master James and Shirley Dutton) who beat The season finished with Clive Keep –

Mrs J Furlonger

Area Master

Mr P Marshall Mrs MM Pollitt Mrs J M Davies Thrower by 17 IMPs. Mike Brown as the overall winners. The

Miss HR Smith 5 Star Regional Mrs J M Gardner series resumes in the autumn.

Mr R Kowalczyk Stamford A have won Div. 1 of the

Master Mr G Provenza

Club Master Staffs & Mr TA Lighting Inter-club League; Kettering C have won Diary Dates: June 5, Tuesday Cham-

Mr R Stock County Master

Shropshire 4 Star Regional Mr A Bannock Div. 2; in Div. 3 Towcester B ended only pionship Playoff, Oxford BC. June 12,

Oxford 1 Star Regional Master Mrs SA Chandler 1 VP ahead of Northampton C. Free bridge, refreshments & prizes at

Master Mr RA Collins Mr G P Davies OBA AGM, Oxford BC. June 15, Mixed

National Master Mr D Endicott

Mrs SJ Stirton 3 Star Regional Pairs Championship, Oxford BC. June

Mr L Porter

1 Star Master Master Mr RJ Holgate Nottinghamshire

7 Star Premier

Mrs S Stott Ms JW Chignall Mrs CR Smith 28, Oxfordshire Congress Flighted Pairs,

Regional Master

Mr AE Fincham Mr G Tripp Steventon. June 29, Oxfordshire Congress

Mr K Jalie Advanced Master

Mrs SM Simpson Mr J Troiano IN the last county match of the season, Green-pointed Swiss Teams, Steventon.

Mrs CM Joseph

4 Star Premier 2 Star Regional District Master

Regional Master Master versus Oxfordshire, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 13, Dawes League v Worcestershire,

Mr NJ Cheadle Master Mrs J Aston

Dr H Guilford Mrs DEA Boston teams all lost, 0-20, 0-20 and 3-17. Oxford BC.

Mrs ZS Shaikh Mr RA Simpson

3 Star Regional Mrs R Smith 11 Star Premier Mrs P Leech The Journal Cup was won by William

Master Mr G Parker Crook – Tony Sowter, with John and

Mr SE Powell

County Master Master

Area Master


Mrs KM Lankshear Mrs IJ McKenzie Irene Auld second. The President’s Cup

2 Star Regional Mr G Williams 10 Star Premier Mrs A Binder www.somersetbridge

Master Mr IM Clements

was won by John Auld, ahead of Clive

Mr T Dickinson

District Master Master

Mrs JE Munns Kaye. In the Teams-of-Eight League, WE report with sadness the

Ms CA Goodson Mrs KJ McKimmie death of Paul Wickham,

6 Star Premier Dr LF Hill 9 Star Premier

Mr TT Munns Gambit, Keyworth White, Phoenix Red

Master Mr WS Jones

Mrs H Oldman and Mansfield B were the winners of the SCBA Chairman, highly

Master Mrs J Richmond-Smith

Mrs AM Powell Dr WH Perks Mr R Bragman four divisions. In the Team-of-Four regarded bridge teacher and

4 Star Master Area Master Mr GR Butler

Club Master proprietor of Wilton Bridge

Mr DCW Careswell League, DJAT and Parsons Pack were the

Mrs PZ Perry Miss VK Johnson 6 Star Premier Club for many years. A

Mr P Perry Mr E Gilburd winners of the two divisions.

Mr F Neubauer Master memorial service will be held at Taunton

2 Star Master Mr R Halliwell Nationally, Ian Dovey, David and Judy

Mr NJR White Mrs U Adilz

Mr JC Cetti Mrs A Hereward

Cadwallader, and Chris Blainey, (photo School on Saturday 21 June and his

Club Master Mrs CS Chevalier Mr A Longrigg

Ms M Pavelin Mrs EG Jones 5 Star Premier on page 44) representing Stanton-on- obituary will follow in the next issue. He

Mrs M Martin

1 Star Master Mrs J Taylor Master the-Wolds Golf Club, won the GolfPrint was a champion for the less experienced

Mrs L Swadling Local Master

Local Master Mrs TP Scott Ms M Conway Trophy, and Ted Pynegar, Aaron Iger, player and would have been delighted to

Advanced Master Mr RD Picton 4 Star Premier see so many new faces at the recent Three

Mrs J Coppin Ankush Khandelwal, and Simon Spencer,

Mr W Mundy Mrs AF Smout Master


Mrs D Gardner

representing Nottingham High School, Tier Inter Club competition that he

Mrs CS Clisby Ms N James

Miss LA Gentry Suffolk won the Schools Cup. introduced into the County programme.

2 Star Premier Mrs C Letts

Mr RG Laidlow Life Master Master Mr P Ross Diary Dates: The NCBA/EBU Green The Open Pairs’ winners were Gina and

County Master Mrs SJ Flin Mr PJ Saies Mr EB Wolstenholme

Pointed Swiss Weekend is on 19-20 July, David Howard; Jackie Moody – David

Mr J A Clacey 10 Star Premier Premier Master Thrush won in the Restricted Section,

Mr CM Dobson Master Sussex at Spondon, and consists of Swiss Pairs

Mr W Ody

Mr DP Dawson

on the Saturday and Swiss Teams on the and Alan Atkinson – John Cousins won

Mr JM Garbutt 3 Star Tournament Life Master

Mr MP Wright Mrs KL Pryor Sunday. Enquiries and entries to Keith in the Ranked Event for players below 1*

8 Star Premier Master

District Master Mrs S Rolles Rodgers, 44 Lower Beauvale, Newthorpe, Master. Congratulations Yeovil who are

Master Mrs ET Copeman

Mr CW Lloyd

Mrs M Garbutt 2 Star Tournament

Ms SR Saunter

Notts, NG16 3PU. On Wednesdays, the this year’s Club Champions.

Ms G Wren Premier National Other County competition winners

4 Star Premier Master Black and Farr Cups commence, res-

Area Master Master were David Porter – Tom Gibbard who

Master Mr AJ Belton

Ms M Jordan Mr DA Sedlickas pectively, on May 28 and June 4.

Mrs M Plummer Mrs EM Tora 1 Star Tournament won the Championship Pairs with joint

Mrs T Reimer 7 Star Tournament Master National Master winners in the Plate – Ann Allsopp –

Club Master Master Mrs AC Duke Mrs S Bugden Oxfordshire Glenda Shave. and Ray Walder – Peter

Mr B Meacham Mr M Malin Tournament Master 7 Star Premier

Mrs DK Beaumont Regional Master Gurman. The Swiss Teams was won by

Ms K Park 3 Star Master

Dr G Wilson Mrs JP Fleming Mrs A Sexton Mr DF Spencer THIS is your last chance Tom Gibbard – Marion Blackhall with

Local Master Mr G Hanson Mrs ME Warshaw 5 Star Premier to enter the Oxfordshire Ernie Sutton – Russell Day.

Ms M Blackburn Master 5 Star Master Regional Master Congress on 28/29 June at Congratulations also to the Langport

Ms N Brady Mr CR Argent Mr BL Loasby team of Jenny Farrington, Les Botting,

Dr RCG Rowe

Mr GE Searle

Steventon Village Hall, fea-

Mr M Covill County Master Mrs DJ Stevens Gordon McBride, Michael Thomas and

4 Star Master turing Flighted Pairs on Sa-

Ms J Peters Mrs B Ditchburn 3 Star Premier

Mr P Smitham Mrs J Benham turday and Green-pointed Colin Juneman in reaching the last 32 in

Mr PG Edwards Regional Master

Lady Jan Thomson Mr RA Marriott

Mrs EA Christy

Dr J Drummond Swiss Teams on Sunday. Please contact the NICKO. The two Somerset teams

Mrs SM Elliott Alan Grunwald, 1 Elm Tree Cottage, (McPherson and Sweet) have done well

Somerset District Master Mrs W Johnson 1 Star Premier

Dr D Branson Mrs JE Skeggs Regional Master Grove Road, Wantage Oxon OX12 7BS. to reach the last 32 in the Gold Cup and

Life Master Mrs M Branson both will now be meeting seeded teams.

Mrs A Bawdon Miss JE Young Mr PD Buttery (

Area Master 3 Star Master Mrs LJ Southward Diary Dates: June 14, at Staplegrove,

Mr M Whittaker

Mr P Whetton

Don’t miss free bridge, refreshments

11 Star Regional Mr GC Coomber 10 Star Regional Swiss Teams in aid of MND and the

Mrs JM Wood Mr P Paskaran

and prizes at the OBA AGM, 7.30pm

Master Master Wivey Link. July 6, AGM, 1.00 pm,

Local Master Mrs MV Warner Mr N Gordon Thursday 12 June at Oxford BC.

Mrs A Taylor followed by Swiss Teams at Oake.

Mr A Bignell Mr MR Warner 2 Star Regional Amanda Potter – Michael Lucas won

6 Star Premier Mr JS Gaynor 2 Star Master

Master Mr BW Johnston

Master the local heat of the National New-

Mrs BE Parker Mrs MJ Wilson

Miss M Julius Mr WJ Nicolle comers. The highest-ranked Oxfordshire Staffs and Shrops

Mrs MA Pownall

Premier Master Mr SRM Wilson Mrs DM Thain Regional Master pair were Joanna Donkin – Patricia

Mr M Toft Mr RSR Thain Mr LP Satow Kirwan reaching 46th place from a field

Surrey 15 Star Premier


2 Star Tournament 1 Star Master of 222 pairs.

Master Premier Life Master Mrs V Clubb Master THE Shrewsbury Congress was an out-

Mr AEC Gotts Mrs J Green Mrs B Daoulas G/Capt AF Wallace John Slater – Nelson Stephens were standing success – thanks to Judy Mitchell

the highest-ranked Oxon pair at 10th for all the effort she put in. There was a

48 English Bridge June 2008


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