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Teams: 1. Dave Franklin, Nigel Osmer, title, but Peter Austwick’s absence through Diary Dates: June 2, Senior Pairs (60

Master Point Martin Pool, Mick Carrington. Mixed illness proved a significant handicap and years), Holt Fleet, 7:15pm; June 6, One-

promotions Pairs: 1. Jill Skinner – Jeremy Willans,

2. May Langmaid – Ian Watt. Congress

Richard Samter’s team (Norman Botton,

Trevor Purches, Susie Gall, Andrew

Day Stourbridge Swiss Teams Congress;

June 7, Chairman’s Cup (for players who

Pairs: 1. Tim Greenhill – Eddie Lucioni, Parkes, Wendy Simpson) are to be con- left their Beginning Bridge class within

9 Star Premier County Master

Master Mrs I Boothman 2. Dave Franklin – Gerry Stanford. Swiss gratulated on a fine performance in the last 5 years), Holt Fleet, 7:15pm.

Mr HG Mulich Miss C Bosworth Teams: 1. Dave Franklin, Gerry Stanford, finishing just 8 VPs in arrears.

8 Star Premier Mr P Carson Mick Carrington and Richard Fedrick; The Wiltshire Knock-out was won by

Master Mr N Cheetham Katharine Hodgson’s team (Bob Bannis-


Mr RA Kempner

2. Jill Skinner, Jeremy Willans, Martin

Mr AFP Abraham Pool and Mike Kingsland. Welcome Pairs ter, Gwynn Davis, Andrew Law).

Mr A Kempson

7 Star Premier Congratulations to Pat Davies and BRADFORD has regained


Mr AJ Mitchell for new bridge players, organised by

Mr SP Sellers Sally Bugden: 1. Lilian Brodbin – Diana Chris Dixon who qualified yet again for the Division 1 title in this

Mr S Bough Mr FJ Smart

Mr PJ Stubbs Kay, 2. Chris and Maureen Allen. the National Pairs final – an event they season’s Yorkshire League.

Mrs C Tailford

6 Star Premier Mrs MH Wadsworth Diary Dates: June 8, Novice Swiss have won twice in the past. Katharine Elsewhere, the outstanding

Master District Master Teams, Keymer. June 15, Basic Bridge Hodgson and Keith Williamson looked as performance was from Shelley, who won

Mr GP Fry Mrs AP Benson if they might join them as they led the all their matches to finish champions of

Pairs, Hastings. June 22, Venture Pairs,

Mrs ME Hinchcliffe Mr AC Betts Division 11.

Mrs AL Dean Henfield. June 29, Swiss Pairs, Ardingly. South-West heat at the interval before

Mr JP Walton

4 Star Premier Mr GA Dick July 20, Swiss Teams, Ardingly. unfortunately suffering a nosebleed. Winners of other county events: Peter

Master Miss A Farrar The Wiltshire/Avon Green Point Event, Littlewood Seniors Pairs: David Fletcher

Mrs G Nuttall Mrs SD Gatehouse held at the University of Bath in March, – Keith Cornish. Scarborough Congress:

Mrs P Sequerra Mr GW Hurren Warwickshire was a great success, with the highest Mixed Pairs: Ray Betts – Cynthia Robson;

Mrs G Jennison

3 Star Premier attendance of all the Green Point events Championship Pairs: Alan Martindale –


Mr T Johnson

Dr NB Leprovost held that weekend – 92 pairs and 52 Mike Ingham; Swiss Teams: David Lewis,

Mr J Hanson Mrs JR Perry WE are sad to report that

2 Star Premier teams. Many congratulations to organiser Martin Carlile, Steve Roswald, Mel Wilder.

Mrs AM Scherson former County member- West Yorkshire Swiss Teams: Gill Cope-

Master Mr JS Sheehan Gayle Webb. Gayle even found time to

ship secretary, John Birch, land, Mark Armitage, Robert Eaton,

Mrs A Clegg Mrs M Temple drag husband Colin to fourth place in the

Mrs H Harvey has passed away. A tribute Steve Blackburn.

Mr N Whittaker Teams – a remarkable achievement.

1 Star Premier Area Master by John Roberts is on In recent national events, Ian and Julie

Finally, our Western League teams,

Master Mr NA Adamski page 45. Grant (shown with Graham Jepson, in the

Dr T Boyle under the ‘firm but fair’ leadership of

Prof. TD Wall This year’s county matches closed

Premier Master Dr RJ Buckle Diana King, are carrying all before them. centre) won the Regional Masters Pairs.

with a disappointing 2-18 defeat for the

Mr RE Brown Ms M Burke Regarded by many fine judges as the

Mr MR Carpenter Dawes team against a strong Glos side,

Prof. J McKenzie sleeping giant of the South-West, we are

Mrs JM Castle although the Porter and Markham teams

3 Star Tournament Mr J Castle stirring from our slumbers. At the time of

Master won 12-8 and 17-3. Warks (96 VP)

Mr P Cooper writing, we lead the overall standings,

Mr H Luts Mr AK Ford finished second to Glos (120 VP) in the

and are also well placed in both A and

Tournament Miss L A Holroyde Dawes competition; Warks (106 VP) were

Master C divisions.

Mr D Hutchinson runners-up to Oxfordshire (130 VP) in

Mr G Foley Mrs M James the Porter event, and in the Markham

Mrs P Holloway Mrs ME Jenkins

Mr D Kaye Mr RC Johnston series, 94 VP left us 3rd equal, trailing Worcestershire

5 Star Master Dr S Latif Worcs (113 VP).

Mrs C Hall Mr DM Mogilnicki At home, Stephanie Galvin – Mags


Pyner triumphed in the Ladies’s Pairs Sarah Teshome (with Lancashire’s Ollie

Mr CA Penn Mr NRE Paterson Richard Jephcott and John

Mrs J Potts and David Jones – Mike Northwood Burgess) won the Championship Pairs at

4 Star Master were clear winners in the Men’s Pairs at Sansom for winning the

Mr JS Simm

Mr MB Epstein Ms DP Woodland County Pairs Champion- the Blackpool Easter Congress.

Mrs F A Jeal Coventry; in the Greswolde Bowl at West In Junior bridge, a Yorkshire team

Club Master Midland BC the winners were Adrian ship, and congratulations

Mr PS Saunders Mr L Andrews won the northern heat of the G W Arnott

Mrs D Whittall Knight, Leslie Reece, David Franks, as well as commiserations to Mike

Mrs M Andrews Davidson Trophy but lost the play-off

3 Star Master Mr R Bielawski Norman Selwyn, with runners-up Tony Willoughby and Stewart Fishburne who

Mr A Blackburn Mr IR Birkby had the same score but lost the tie- against the southern heat winners. The

Poole, Barbara Roberts, Paul Cotterill, team was James Thrower, Tom Rain-

Mrs H Reeve Mrs ES Brown breaker. A mention too for Paul Hooker

Mrs J Carey

Tony Cundy. forth, Tom Copeland, Simon Weinberger,

2 Star Master and Mike Theelke who always figure

Mr PM Hannan Mrs HMA Cawdry Diary Dates: The Cock o’ the County Mark Dessain, Liam Jones, Rob Myers,

Dr JA Cherry Pairs will be at 1.45 pm Sunday 1 June at high in this competition.

Mr BR Snodgrass Ryan Vickers, Tom Paske, Jakub Gem-

Mr PA Stubley Mrs AM Dearden- WMBC. The West Midlands Congress The Phillipps Final was won by Mike

Briggs Orriel – Ross Garratt (61.86%). John becki and Shivam Shah. Also, Mark

1 Star Master will start with the Ladies’ and Men’s

Mr D Brooksbank

Mrs MM Farndale Cattanach – Suzanne Griffin shared the Dessain, Jack Simm, Tom Copeland,

Mrs BM Feather Open Pairs at 7pm on Friday 13 June, Jakub Gembecki were victorious in the

Mr MB Cohen second spot with Steve Allerston – Nick

Mrs JG Fletcher

Mr PT Healey then Championship Pairs at 13.45 pm Harry Scully Trophy.

Mr DF Hoult on Saturday 14 June, and Swiss Teams at Forward (58.33%).

Miss B Gabbitas Mr CN Kyaw In the EBU’s Golfprint, the Catterick

Mr A Gearing 13.00 pm on Sunday 15 June. The Frank The WCBA Closed Teams has been

Mrs LW Manley GC team (Susan MacKellar, Anthony

Mr B Huntley Ms K Markert Cup teams will be at 7pm Wed 18 June, won by Joyce Skelton, Stewart Fishburne,

Mr P Madden Arthur Williams, Paul Hooker and Mike Abraham, Alison Sayer, Sue Hind) won

Ms R M Marston the Millennium Cup Swiss Pairs at 1.45

Mrs P Walker Mr K E Risely Theelke, who will represent the County the regional final. Representing the

Mrs D Whitmore pm on Sunday 06 July, and the Charity North of England, they finished third in

Miss EM Robinson in the Pachabo.

Advanced Master Ms HJ Saffman Swiss Teams at 1pm Sat 19 July, all at the national final. Meanwhile, the

Mrs BD Binns Mrs W Shaw West Midlands BC. Note the BGB The Ron Allen Cup (our Garden Cities

Qualifier) was won by Bewdley BC winner of the Yorkshire Golf Clubs event

Mr LN Cummins Mrs VE Smith Simultaneous Pairs at 7.15 pm on

Mr JK Davis Mrs M Snowden (Carol and Brian Varley, Brian Tonks, was the Doncaster Golf Club team of P

Mrs RJ Stell

Monday 28 July at Moseley BC, and and J Pascoe, G ad M Moverley.

Mrs A Fowler Carol Timmis, Myra Hunter, Anne Free-

Mrs A Holmes Mr S Weinberger make a reservation for the Coventry Diary Dates: June 13, AGM, Don-

Mrs LM Mallinson Mr A Wheatley Congress 5-7 Sept at Coventry BC. ston, Liliane Wright, Wendy Packwood).

Mr R Wooler Stourbridge Tigers and Worcester BC caster. June 17, Non-league clubs teams

Mrs Y Mills Please send entries for Warks events to event, Tickton. June 18, League clubs

Mr WR Parker Local Master followed.

Mr KI Andrew

Darren Evetts, 52 Murcott Road East, teams event, Tickton. June 19, John Ger-

Mrs SE Tasker Whitnash, CV31 2JJ or 01926 429 039. Jessie Newton – John Turner won our

Dr D Trueman Mrs J Baker rard Simultaneous Pairs. June 22, Malton

Mrs S Dyson Veteran Pairs, with Jennifer Romer –


Mr HA Flasher

Swiss Teams, New Earswick. June 29,

Heather Westcott in second place.

Mr SJ Blackburn Mr DL George Wiltshire We have a WICKO (based on the

Flitch, Wetherby. July 6, Newcomers

Miss AH Buckley Mrs D Greenwood Pivot Teams, Doncaster. July 13, Yorkshire

Mrs A Clay Mrs C Kaye NICKO) for club members who are

Mr BL Garlick Individual, Keighley. July 27, Harrogate

Mrs V Newsome THE Wiltshire compe- below the rank of Regional Master. The

Mrs K Jagger Mr GD Smith Swiss Teams.

Mrs IE Newbound titive programme reached final was between Stourbridge C and

Mr PG Smith

Mrs P Parker Mrs M Stainer a stirring climax, with the Evesham. At the end of required number

Mr A Selman outcome of the ten-team Premier League of boards the sides were drawn, so they June 23 is the closing date for

Mrs P Stephenson the submission of county

Miss DA Sissman Ms M Turner- being decided on the very last match. In played a further four boards with Stour-

Mrs AH Smith Bottomley

reports for the next issue

the end Pat Davies’s team (Chris Dixon, bridge (Angela Cowdry – Linda Wright of English Bridge.

Mr J Smith Mrs CM Walker

Mr JR Spry Mrs F Wilson Valerie Austwick, Gwynn Davis, Keith with Barry Brice – David Horton) Please e-mail:

Williamson, Keith Sharp) retained their prevailing.

50 English Bridge June 2008


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