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Recruitment Special

Since April 2017 we have had 12 international nurses and 28 doctors join the Trust. Further cohorts of

international nurses are also set to join the Trust - 11 by the end of July with a total of 24 by the end of

August. We also have a further nine doctors due to commence by mid-September. In June we have had

nine visas granted for registered nurses and are waiting to hear about two visas for MTI doctors.

However, it is not a retrospective change and therefore the Trust will be re-applying in July for visas for a

Trust Associate Specialist in Emergency Medicine, a Specialty Doctor in Breast and four specialist

trainee doctors in Medicine, in addition to five new visas applications for registered nurses.

We will continue to keep you informed on our plans to continue to recruit additional staff. For more

information regarding the Tier 2 amendments visit:

Message from our Chief Executive...

You may have seen the recent news on how the Government is

proposing the removal of the cap on doctors and nurses from outside

the EU coming to this country to work in the NHS and wondered what

it meant for our Trust.

The proposal, which takes effect on 6 July 2018, will see all

applications for doctor and nurse posts exempt from the Tier 2 visa

cap. This will mean there will no longer be a cap on the number of

doctors and nurses that can be recruited. There will be significant

extra capacity in the system to enable employers to get certificates for

a wide range of other roles which have been refused in recent months,

for example Biomedical Scientists and Allied Health Professionals.

All applications will still be subject to the resident labour market test

and all other rules and evidence requirements of Tier 2.

Aaron Cummins

UHMBT Chief Executive

Your Weekly News

National #WeAreTheNHS campaign launches

One of the biggest ever NHS recruitment campaigns has been launched this month in the hopes of

recruiting more staff into the NHS, encouraging staff that have left to return, and improving the

retention of existing staff.

The campaign, which has the tagline #WeAreTheNHS, has been designed to highlight the positives

of working for the best healthcare system in the world.

To get information on the different roles within the NHS, just visit the NHS England website or search

#WeAreTheNHS on social media.


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