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Channel Islands

AT the Lambourne Jersey Congress, the Swiss Pairs

was won by Sue and Nick Woodcock from Paul

Martin - Roz Bavin. Paul and Roz did one better in

the Swiss Teams with Andrew and Jane Moore; 2nd

were Messrs Horscroft, Walsh, Thompson and Fletcher.

Other winners were: Pre Congress Pairs: Jean Squires -

Rosalind Morgan. Multiple Teams A: Roy Garthwaite, Heather

Hobson, Ted and Janet Latham. Multiple Teams B: Alan

Cooke, Maris Sheppard, Brian and Maureen Stairs. Midweek

Pairs: Adrian and Prue Knight. Mixed Pairs: Alan Cooke -

Maris Sheppard. Seniors' Pairs: Roy Garthwaite - Heather

Hobson. Seniors' Teams: Roy Garthwaite, Heather Hobson,

Ted and Janet Latham.

Diary date: the Confiance Guernsey Congress is from Sept

11 to 20.


CHRIS and Sandra Bickerdike, playing with

Richard Draycott - Jean Law, have won the Greenpointed

County Knockout, by just 2 IMPs after 48

boards, from Jim and Frances Barker, John and

Pauline Deal.

Appropriately, the Jo Brown Memorial was won by John

Hardesty - Jenny Cant, who had been a close friend of Jo's.

Brian Colvin - Steve Flavell were runners-up. £220 was raised

for the Cornwall Leukaemia Trust.

The Western League programme is now complete, all three

teams having done well. The 'A' team won six out of seven

matches and were runners-up in their division. After a good

season the 'B' team slipped to fifth after a poor last match. The

'C' team remained undefeated and were runners-up to

Devon. Overall, the three teams' total score was well ahead of

the other counties.

Please see 'In Memoriam' online for the obituary of John


Diary dates: Sept 7, AGM, Ladock. Sept 18-20, Cornwall

Congress, Falcon Hotel, Bude.


DIARY dates: Aug 9, AGM followed by the AGM Pairs,

Keswick. Sept 6, Blue Point IMP Pairs. Sept 26-27, Green

Point Weekend Pairs and Teams, held jointly with West morland,

Castle Green Hotel in Kendal. Oct 18, Simple

Systems, Carlisle.


WE have recently held an EGM for election of

officers due to attendance at our AGM being

below the quorum specified in our constitution.

The officers for 2014 were re-elected.

Forthcoming competitiigblake@aol.comr popular Swiss Teams event is ongoing (runs fort nightly

for 12 sessions). All teams are welcome, it is not

compulsory to play in all sessions.

• This year we have a new Green


August 2015 English Bridge

interested in playing in either our Swiss Pairs on Sept 26 or

our Swiss Teams on Sept 27 please contact Ian Blake at

• In August we have our Individual Championship and our

Ladies' and Men's Pairs events.

Contact the DCBA secretary if you are interested in any of

the events above:

Playing in the county: details of events scheduled by our

county association can be found on our website.


CONGRATULATIONS to Ann Slee - Alison

Pollok who were first equal in the Champion ship

Pairs at the Cheltenham Congress and to Richard

Lingham, Viv Mably, Phil Palmer and Jenny

Flood who won the Open Teams.

May was a good month for Devon players on the road;

congratulations to them all. Ian Walsh, Peter Bowles, Jacek

Pietrzycki and Mike Orriel won the Hants & IOW One-day

GP Swiss Teams. Warner Solomon (with Sandy Davies of

Yorks) won the Welsh Senior Pairs and the team of Phil

Palmer, Jenny Flood, Dick Andrews and Gaynor Wiseman was

3rd in the Teams at the same congress. Joe and Gillian Fawcett

were 6th in the Swiss Pairs at the Spring Bank Holiday Congress.

Devon finished top of the C division of the Western League.

Entries are soon due for the Devon Teams (Western

Morning News) - two matches guaranteed at dates to suit the

teams. Full details of all events and results are on the website.


CONGRATULATIONS to Margot WilsonGardner

who has achieved the rank of Grand


Garden Cities: the Allendale team representing Dorset

finished 2nd in the Regional Final and 7th in the National

Final. Congratulations to the following players: John Gardner,

Margot Wilson-Gardner, Daphne Philipps, Alan Wilson,

Jeremy Dhondy, Mike Pownall, Krzysztof Ginda, Mark

Hooper, James and Shirley Dutton, and Phil Norman.

SBU Corfu Congress: Margot-Wilson Gardner - John

Gardner and team won the Swiss Teams.

Hampshire Green Pointed Teams: Mark Hooper, Phil

Norman, Miles Cowling and team finished 5th.

Spring Bank Holiday Congress: Mark Hooper, Robin

Wright, Alan Wilson and Anne Allerston won the B

stratification of the Swiss Teams and finished joint 2nd

overall. Mark & Robin finished 9th in the B final of the

Championship Pairs.

Corwen Trophy: Keith Bartlett - Barrie Cantello finished


Diary dates: Aug 6, Chope Salver, Open Pairs, 7pm,

Allendale Bridge Club, Wimborne.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of the following: TGR

Super League: the Saxons won the 2nd Division with

a 25 VP margin and are promoted to Division 1.

Special congratulations to John Sutcliffe who

played in 7 of 10 matches and came 2nd in the overall Butler


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