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elected as follows: Chairman, Dean Benton; Treasurer, Henry

Cooklin; General and Membership Secretary, Pat Beasley;

League Secretary, Brian Stockdale; Tournament Secretary,

Neil Beasley; Fixtures Secretary, Dick Pathan; Webmaster,

Richard Smith; Education Liaison Officer, Simon Stokes.

The guest of honour was Phil Watts of the Bradgate club

who presented trophies to the competition winners. For

details see the online Local Results section.

Diary dates: Aug 27, League Forum. Sept 13, Midland

League v Worcestershire, Home. Sept 16, Stanley Trophy

Round 1. Sept 23, League - Round 1 matches. Sept 26-27,

Derbyshire Green Point Swiss Pairs & Teams, Spondon. Sept

30, League - Round 2 matches. Oct 7, Otto & Edith Cups -

Mixed Pairs.


AT the recent AGM the officials were all re-elected without

opposition. Chairman will be Guy Grainger, Vice-Chairman

is Adrian Underwood, Treasurer Mike Llewellyn, Secretary

Paul Wokes, Competition Secretary Glynn Elwick.

As a result of his support of Lincs Bridge over many years

Maurice Ladlow was made an Honorary Member of the

County. This award is richly deserved. Congratulations.


CONGRATULATIONS to Claire Robinson - Nick

Boss who won the Pairs A Final at the Spring Bank

Holiday Congress and to Alan and Olivia Woo and

Alex Hydes who won the Swiss Teams at the

Oxford Mid-week Congress. Well done to those who did well in

the Spring Foursomes - finalist Dror Padon, semi-finalists

David Gold, David Bakhshi, Andrew Robson and Alex Hydes

and Punchbowl semi-finalists Gitte Hecht-Johansen, Szczepan

Smoczynski and Mary Gordon-Smith. Also to Mike Fletcher,

2nd in the Jersey Swiss Teams.

Diary dates: Sept 10, AGM, 7pm, YCBC. Sept 15, Café

Bridge, Clapham. Sept 20, Mixed Pairs, 1pm, YCBC. Oct 25,

Men's & Women's IMP Pairs, 1pm. YCBC. More details from

the LMBA website.


MANCHESTER'S Goldstone Cup winners have

won the EBU County Teams of Four Cham pionship

(Pachabo Cup) for the first time. Well

done to John Holland, Rodney Lighton,

Michael Newman, Alan Mould and Michael Byrne (photo on

previous page). Congratulations also to the winners of the

EBU Teams of Eight Championship (Garden Cities Trophy),

Manchester Bridge Club. This is the fourth time that Man chester

Bridge Club have won. Well done to Jeff Morris, John

Hassett, Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, John Holland,

Alan Mould, Catherine Draper and Andrew Woodcock.

At the MCBA AGM Bob Cooke retired after two years as

Chairman. Irene Davies takes over and Ann Thornton

becomes Chair of the Tournament Committee. Karen Sandler

becomes Membership Secretary. Treasurer Joan Hinchcliffe

has retired after six years and is replaced by Haidee Tattersall.

Diary dates: Sept 12-13, Premier League, Manchester

Bridge Club.


HUGE congratulations to Liz Commins who

was part of the Welsh team that won this

year's Lady Milne Trophy.

Well done to Joan Marray - Paul Roberts

who won the Welsh Bridge Union Mixed Pairs final.

In the annual M&CBA match v Dublin, we are pleased to

say that we won narrowly by 899 IMPs to 891.

In the Northern Ireland Spring National Congress held in

Belfast (formerly Armagh) the Championship Pairs was won

by Liz Commins - David Stevenson. However, they were

unable to retain their teams title, finishing 2nd playing with

locals Robin Burns - Ian Lindsay.

In the WBU Seniors Congress the teams event was won by

John Hampson, Julian Merrill, Bob Pitts, Simon Whitehouse.

The Congress also had an Open Pairs event on the final day

and this was won by Barry Jones - Bob Pitts.

Diary dates: Aug 29, NBL Round Two. Sept 12, NBL

Round Three.


CONGRATULATIONS to Waseem Naqvi who

was in the team which finished 2nd in the

Schapiro Spring Foursomes.

Well done to Simon Cope who won the Oxford

Midweek Congress Championship Pairs and Swiss


In the Spring Bank Holiday Congress, Tony

Waterlow won the Pairs B Final.

Please visit the county website which has an extensive

competitions calendar.


SUZANNE Gill has plans.

She's just become NCBA Chairman after

twenty years on the Norfolk committee and her

ambition for her county is boundless. Bridge

education is her watchword and the Norwich

Bridge School she has founded is just part of a renaissance of

teaching and teacher training across Norfolk.

But her ultimate ambition is to help achieve a permanent

bridge centre for Norfolk, to house county competitions and


August 2015 English Bridge

Norfolk's new Chairman, Suzanne Gill.

Photo: Jane Scarfe


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