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The purpose of this admissions policy is to provide clarity with regard to the criteria for admissions for local authorities,

parents/carers/guardians and Prior's Court's Admissions Panel and to ensure that the process and decisions are fair and


This policy will outline the criteria for admissions, the admissions process and the system for appeal. It has been written with

reference to the DfE 0-25 Special Educational Needs and Disability Reforms and CQC and approved by the trustees and will

be reviewed annually. It is available on the website or from Prior's Court's reception.

Prior to admission

As part of the admissions process, visits can be arranged for prospective parents/carers/guardians and professionals to enable

parents/carers and the local authority to consider whether the young adult provision might be suitable for the young person.

We encourage parents/carers to visit a range of provisions in order to get a feel for the type of provision which may be

suitable and to help in the decision-making process. We are also able to review papers such as Education Health & Care (EHC)

Plans, Annual Review and other documents at this early stage to give an early indication of whether Prior's Court might be a

suitable option to consider.

Admissions process

An initial screening of papers is undertaken by lead practitioners who then feedback to the Admissions Panel to

establish in broad terms whether the young adult would be suitable to assess.

With the support of the placing authority, the young person and their parents/carers are invited to an onsite

assessment undertaken by senior lead practitioners with significant experience and members of the multidisciplinary

team. A second assessment in the current provision or young person's home is undertaken if necessary.

The assessment, together with further information from parents/carers and professionals, is considered by the

Admissions Panel to determine whether Prior's Court Young Adult Provision would be able to meet the young

person's needs, provide an appropriate peer group and enable progress.

Failure to disclose information during the assessment process may affect the validity of the assessment and lead to

the process being terminated.

A recommendation from the Admissions Panel is then made to the CEO and Executive team who confirm that the

admissions criteria have been met, that a place is available and that staffing in place before a letter of suitability is sent

to the Local Authority with a clear deadline for response.

Due to high levels of interest more letters of suitability than available places may be sent. Potential placements can

only be taken back to our admissions panel for final discussion on receipt of written confirmation of Local Authorities'

intention to place at Prior's Court and agreed funding in place.

The admissions panel will consider all applications of suitable placements and then undertake the final phase of

admission, which is to undertake a comprehensive compatibility and impact assessment of peer groupings and a

formal offer of placement including contract will be issued (usually by mid-March to enable to meet the EHC plan

deadline of 31/3).

Admissions criteria

Priority will be given to Prior's Court School pupils who meet the admissions criteria.

All young adults will have a diagnosis of autism. Referrals can be accepted for young people who are awaiting

diagnosis however a formal diagnosis may be required.

Version 1 Review Date: 01 Sep 2022


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