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Tribunals/Judicial Review

The number of cases supported by Prior's Court is limited. The decision to hold a place or provide expert witnesses is

undertaken by the CEO and Executive who take responsibility for ensuring that the Trustees are kept informed.

Emergency admissions

Due to the need our young people have for a planned transition, we do not take emergency admissions. However, we

endeavour to work as responsively as possible with local authorities and with families to provide a start date as soon as is

feasible, taking into account the needs of the incoming student and their families and balancing this with the needs of the

existing students.

Prior to confirmation of placement and contractual details

The Young Adult Provision must be able to meet the needs of the young person as identified in the pre placement

assessment and in their Adult Care Assessment, Continuing Healthcare Assessment, EHC Plan or assessed needs

before admission of the young person. This placement will be governed by the terms of the Contract agreed

between Prior's Court Foundation and the placing authority or any other person.

The young person's Person Centred Plan will be reviewed at least annually (including Education Health & Care Plan

where relevant) and agreed amendments and level of services will be made at that time. No new service will be

provided unless it is required to meet the needs of the young person and/or specified in the Education Health & Care

Plan or agreed and funded by the Local Authority through a revised contract.

Young adults may have additional needs that might be met by the onsite Nurses. On admission, young adults will be

registered with a local GP however remain the responsibility of the Placing Authority. They will be supported to have

their medical needs met through community facilities. Support to attend medical appointments local to Prior's Court

is provided free of charge. However support and expenses to enable young people's attendance for non-emergency

medical appointments (eg Consultants) not local to Prior's Court may incur charges for transport and additional staff.

This is to be agreed between the Placing Authority & Local Health Authority.

Complex medical procedures that require additional support and training to non-medical staff will be considered

through a joint meeting between the Director of Care and appropriate medical professionals. There will be a tiered

system for allocating the additional costings required to support high health needs.

Some young adults may be vulnerable to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, especially in late

adolescence and early adult life. Mental health needs may be required to be supported through the local Mental

Health Service.

Highly- specialised dietary needs can be supported but may require additional funding. Dietetic support must remain

the responsibility of the Placing Authority.

Prior's Court will not be responsible for the provision of transport between the Young Adult Provision and the young

person's home.

Fee invoices will be paid quarterly and invoiced to one funding provider only.

Post confirmation of placement/provision

Places are for 52 weeks provision only.

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