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Prior's Court Young Adult Provision has an adapted environment to meet the needs of the cohort of young people.

Reasonable adjustments to the provision have been made to create a safe environment for living and learning. There

may be instances however where young people's special needs include challenging behaviours such as significant

damage to property or absconding where the environment would require further significant adjustment which would

be incompatible with the efficient learning of other young people or the efficient use of the Local Authority's


Following a successful settling in period, an interim 3 month review will take place to assess the placement, progress

and staffing levels. Thereafter a review will take place annually.

Length of provision

The aim of the Young Adult Provision at Prior's Court is to prepare young adults for a successful transition to adult

provision with the skills to support them in achieving as independent and inclusive a life as possible.

The Young Adult Provision supports young adults up to the age of 25 and all young adults will transition from the

provision by the August of the academic year in which they turn 25 at the latest.

While the provision supports young adults up to the age of 25, Prior's Court recognises that young adults may move

on to adult provision before the age of 25 for a number of reasons including the availability of adult provision

identified by the local authority and families.

Prior's Court may also recommend that a young adult is ready to move onto adult provision based on the review of

progress as part of the Person Centred Review process.

Appealing against an admissions decision

To appeal an admissions decision made by the Trustees of the Young Adult Provision, parents/carers or local authorities

should write to the Admissions Panel outlining the reasons for appealing the decision. Thereafter, the process will follow that

outlined in our Complaints Policy, available from the website or from reception.

Prior's Court Young Adult Provision has three residential homes and a learning centre located on the main Prior's Court site

and one residential home in a nearby village. The Young Adult Provision provides a supportive living and learning environment

for young adults of both sexes aged between 19 and 25 years with autism, learning difficulties and complex needs. Its aim is to

enable the young adults to make the transition from school to permanent adult placement successfully.

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