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Never leave your child alone

in the same room as a dog,

even your own.

Teach your child never to

approach dogs when they:

◗ are eating or have a treat

◗ have a toy or something else

they really like

◗ are sleeping

◗ are unwell, injured or tired

◗ are blind or deaf.

Teach your child to be kind

and polite to dogs. Don't let

your child climb on dogs, pull

their ears or do anything

you wouldn't allow

them to do to

another child.

Teach your child how to play

nicely with your dog. For

example, your child can

teach your dog some really

fun tricks like shake a paw,

play dead, or


Supervise your child when

they're with your dog -

if your dog looks

unhappy, let him/her

go somewhere

they feel safe

and happy.

Never allow your child to

approach a dog they don't

know, for example

when out in

the park.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Wilberforce Way, Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 9RS

The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales. Registered charity no: 219099 The RSPCA only exists with the support of public donations.

Pictures: Becky Murray/RSPCA Photolibrary. Illustrations: Lili Chin, © 2011 Dr. Sophia Yin. All Rights Reserved.

With thanks to Julie Bedford, Certified clinical animal behaviorist. P02 8.14

The 6 Golden Rules

for keeping your child safe and your dog happy

We all need a break sometimes - give your dog a cosy spot in

a quiet room where they can have their own space. Teach your

child to leave your dog alone when they're in their private spot.










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