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The inducঞon process

Starঞng a new job can be daunঞng, that's why our casual worker

inducঞon is broken down into three straigh�orward steps

Introductory Tour

On your first day, your line manager will take you on a brief

tour around the store. They'll show you the different funcঞons

that help the store run day-to-day and introduce you to key

members of the team.


In this session, you'll learn more about security, safety and key

contacts. You'll also have the opportunity to discuss which areas

of the store you may be best suited to working in.

Week-one review

Your manager will spend some ঞme with you at the end of

week one to check on your progress and address any quesঞons

you may sঞll have about working at FinerFood.


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