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A final Feasibility report was produced based on the above assessments and an outline design of the preferred option. The

preferred option was the realignment of the river through the park and restoration back to a natural course at the bottom of the

valley. This will reconnect the river back to its floodplain and to groundwater through the reach. In addition, new footpaths,

wetland and nature areas will be created making the river and park more accessible to local users.

The outline design has subsequently been taken forward to detailed design (2018) and construction which we are currently in the

process of developing.

• An engineering assessment and liaison with utility companies

• Cultural Heritage Assessment (CHA) of each of the options and variations

• Landscape Visual Assessment (LViA) of the preferred option

• Contaminated land assessment

• Ground water assessment

• A multi criteria options appraisal (MCA of all the options detailing the benefits of

implementing each option

• Stakeholder engagement with the local council, Affinity Water, park user groups

and the wider community in general

• Presentation material for use in public.engagement events via site meetings,

presentations, drop in events

• CAD plans, cross sectional details and long profiles.

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