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Reading across the Curriculum STEAM


Unit Theme Title Vocabulary Reading Page

1 Caring and sharing Purr, purr, purr Things in a house A poem 4

2 Fun and games My home, my castle Rooms in a house;

Senses (touch)

A conversation 8

3 Happy days We are having fun! Hobbies A survey report 12

4 Food and drink A world of flavours Senses (taste) Forum posts 16

5 Places and activities Colourful school days School events Chat room messages 20

6 Using my five senses The world of sounds Senses (hear) A diary entry 24

Reading skill 1 Understanding figures of speech 28

Reading skill 2 Locating specific information (time and places) 29

7 We love our places Waste less to be the best Words about environmental protection A school newsletter



8 Changes Every act counts Phrasal verbs;

Senses (smell)

A blog entry 34

9 The world around us An unusual day Senses (see) A story 38

10 Happy days Let's celebrate! Festivals and festive activities A poster 42

11 Places and activities School is fun! Subjects A conversation 46

12 We love our places Going around Directions and positions An email 50

Reading skill 3 Sequencing events 54

Reading skill 4 Understanding reference words 55

Word list 56

List of text types (P1-6) 59








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