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Reading across the Curriculum STEAM


Unit Theme Title Vocabulary Reading Page

1 My neighbourhood Make a difference Charity work A conversation 4

2 The magic of nature What a disaster! Natural disasters;

Problems brought by natural disasters

A magazine article 8

3 Food and drink All about cooking Cooking verbs Recipes 12

4 Language arts We are film-lovers Adjectives describing characters Film reviews 16

5 Happy days Anyone for sport? Sports equipment Forum posts 20

6 The world around us Away we go Travelling activities A web page 24

Reading skill 1 Making inferences 28

Reading skill 2 Finding the meaning of words from a dictionary 29

7 We love our places Save the Earth Green and non-green behaviour An interview script 30

8 The magic of nature Our friends in danger Endangered animals;

Human activities that affect animals

A play script 34

9 Caring and sharing As sick as a dog Illnesses and the doctor's advice A story 38

10 Taking care of ourselves Be careful! Injuries;

Things in a first-aid kit

An online article 42

11 Happy days The best holiday ever Outdoor activities A leaflet 46

12 Relationships Ups and downs Adjectives describing emotions An email 50

Reading skill 3 Understanding intention, attitudes and feelings 54

Reading skill 4 Understanding the connection between ideas 55

Word list 56

List of text types (P1−6) 59







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