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The Carmelite Holy Souls Society reminds us that the

Church is not confined to this world, but extends into

the next as well. By praying for the dead, as we prayed

for them when they were alive, we can establish a

special link with the communion of saints.

In a way this is a two-way street. We remember them

in prayer and we ask them to pray for us. It is a helpful

reminder that our brothers and sisters who die do

not lose their idenity, or their relaionship with us.

They remain the people that they are and the core of

their idenity is carefully preserved by God as they are

transformed by God's love and set free to love.

If you are anything like me, I imagine that you may be

increasingly aware of just how much unfinished business

we have in life. Things we may have said or done which

we shouldn't have, and which we now cannot put right.

Osten, once a word leaves our mouth, we lose all control

over it!

Prayer, true prayer, is always an act of love. Our

Catholic Chrisian tradiion assures us that our prayer for

the Holy Souls is one of the ways in which God loves our

departed brothers and sisters into life in all its fullness. It

is a gist of the tenderness of God to allow us to share in

this loving process.

Fr. Tony Lester, o.carm., Prior Provincial


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