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For many years, the Naional Shrine of Saint Jude has

promoted the Carmelite devoion to the souls of the

departed by establishing a Dead List that is renewed

each year. People simply send in their lists of dead

relaives and friends to be included in our prayers for

the Holy Souls.

All those on your list will become members of the

Carmelite Holy Souls Society for the year.

Membership includes:

1. A daily Mass for deceased relaives and friends

through the year (except the three days of Holy Week);

2. A Mass each month for deceased members and


3. A share in the Masses, prayers and good works of

the whole Carmelite Order.

There is no fixed membership fee, or annual

subscripion. Please simply donate what you would like

to become a member.

Please write the names of your loved ones on the next

two pages, and send them to the Shrine ofice as soon

as possible.


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