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While we have been confined to our homes and local areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all

noticed a reinvigoration of local spirit. Many businesses, who form an integral part of our

neighbourhoods and community, have played a role in this.

We have a thriving range of small and independent businesses including shops, food and drink outlets

and other services. Many of these are long serving in Richmond upon Thames, others are newer, but

they can all offer good advice, support, convenience, variety and quality.

Shopping locally is critical for breathing life into our local economy and maintaining a strong jobs

market for our residents. It is also an important habit we must all adopt as we continue to tackle climate

change. You can limit your own carbon footprint by walking or cycling to your local high street, rather

than jumping in the car. We've included a list of the borough's independent bike shops to help you get

in the saddle. As well as this, small businesses often support local producers, which reduces the overall

footprint of the products you buy and the food and drink you enjoy.

The Council has been celebrating the people behind these businesses with our Shop Local campaign

online and on the pages of this guide you will find a selection of what is available in your local area. Now

this is really just a snap-shot - I would encourage you to hit the streets to see everything that is on offer

just a short walk from your own front door.

Businesses have worked hard, alongside Council officers, to make sure premises are safer for you to visit.

You should of course follow the Government's COVID-19 guidelines, this includes wearing a face covering

when required, washing or sanitising your hands regularly and following guidance from business owners.

Spending money locally, and spending time getting to know your local businesses will ensure we

maintain our strong communities and remain resilient as a borough during the on-going uncertainties.

Richmond independent shops directory 3


Councillor Richard Baker

Spokesperson for Economics & Business,

Richmond Council

For a much larger list of shops,

restaurants, businesses and things to

do in your local area, please visit

This a growing online directory,

< business that

should be added, please let us know

by emailing


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