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Leading in Safety, Quality & Experience (SQE) Programme 2020/21


How will the programme work virtually?

Covid-19 dramatically changed the way services were delivered by the South Eastern HSC Trust and with plans to maintain

and rebuild capacity as part of the Covid-19 response we are having to find new ways of working. This year's programme will

consist of:

- Monthly tutorial/learning sessions via zoom (Zoom details will be sent via email)

- Self-directed learning - IHI open school modules & additional videos

- QI Clinics - to help answer questions and support teams/individuals with projects

- Practical 'handouts' to support learning

As with previous cohorts each participant will have to take part in a QI project over the course of the programme.

What is the time commitment?

Monthly tutorial/learning session via ZOOM - 1-1.5 hours

IHI Open School Modules - 10 hours over the course of the 8-month programme

Attendance at a minimum of two QI Clinics during the time period of the programme - 1.5 hours total

Participation in a team/individual quality improvement project - This can be incorporated as part of your day to day work. It is

also dependent on how frequently data is collected, the number of change ideas you test (PDSA Cycles) and if your project is

a large scale project (on average estimate approx. 1-2 hours per week).

Final Presentation / Poster - Additional time to produce a presentation and poster - 2 hours

Do I need to get manager approval?

Yes - you need approval from your Line Manager for permission to register for the SQE Programme. You also need to discuss

your project idea as a project will not succeed without the support of your line manager/leadership within your area.

You must also have the support of your Clinical Manager / Governance Facilitator for your Directorate / Area of work if

working in clinical area.

How do I choose my QI project?

Participants will decide on a specific topic area/improvement initiative in their area of responsibility. We advise you to speak

with your Clinical Manager / Governance Facilitator to discuss your idea prior to commencing the programme and to discuss if

there are improvement initiatives that need prioritised within your Directorate / Area or Work. (See Page 8 of the Programme

Information Booklet for further guidance).

TIP: Involve the whole team / service users in identifying what is the best opportunity for improvement.

What do I need to do to attain Level 2 on

the Q2020 attributes framework?

The SQE Programme has been mapped against the Supporting Leadership for Quality Improvement and Safety (Q2020)

Attributes Framework, Level 2 - Delivering Improvement. To attain this you will need to attend the sessions and be involved

in a QI project, which you will present at the end of the programme.


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