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Welcome to Leggett

Magazine - the magazine

brought to you from

award-winning French Estate Agent

Leggett Immobilier.

Long standing members of the

FNAIM, Leggett Immobilier have

been selling houses in France for

over two decades and have helped

clients buy & sell thousands of

properties all over the country.

In fact, around 1 in 10 UK buyers

choose to buy a house in France

with us which makes Leggett one

of the biggest national agencies in


We have over 16,000 properties for

sale across France - which accounts

for a huge €2bn worth of property

- and over 30,000 active buyers on

our database.

Our network of 500 experienced

and professional agents across

France cover 16 regions and it is our

intimate local knowledge that truly

sets us apart.

Buying a house in France is a big

step - a different language to deal

with, complicated laws, the buying

process and settling into a new life

in France are all important subjects

Leggett Immobilier have been

helping clients with for over 20


And we want to continue providing

the best service possible, to share

our enthusiasm and passion for

France and that is why we have

launched Leggett Magazine.

Leggett Magazine serves the

thousands of homebuyers looking

to buy their dream property in

France. We showcase a large

selection of properties for sale

across France - plus a few further

afield - and deliver the nuts and

bolts information customers need

when embarking on their property


Published twice a year with a

dedicated edition in French

as well as one in English

Leggett Magazine is

useful, relevant,

inspiring and

FREE for our


The magazine

is available

in print

and online

allowing us to

deliver a large

and attentive

audience to advertisers.

If you'd like to find out more about

our magazine and how it can help

your business reach the thousands

of people looking to buy property

in France, why not get in touch and

find out how Leggett Magazine can

help you do just that!

Joanna Leggett - Director

+33 (0)5 53 56 62 54







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