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The key here to all of these aspects is change. Change

produces mental stimulation by creating new environments,

new situations and new experiences.

Move - move things around, put food in different places, access to different water

sources, and change the parts of the environment the animal can gain access to.

Renew - renew the toys, just like children familiar toys become boring, change toys,

and introduce novel objects, in and out of the animals' environment on a regular


Refresh - refresh those logs, change them as soon as the donkeys lose interest,

refresh the branches, fresh buckets, toys etc, simply by cleaning them.

Invent -invent new ways of presenting different elements and changing their

environment. Put a couple of pieces of carrot at the bottom of that welling boot, hide

small pieces of apple in the straw, put small hazel branches around their environment

at levels, heights and novel situations.

Natural - try to keep things natural, think of what the donkey naturally needs and

some other factors that we've outlined in this brief introduction to environment

enrichment. If you can meet their natural needs they remain happier and healthier.

There are some benefits to our mind, body and

spirit that we gain from enriching our donkeys

environment. Obviously, using our imagination to

creat enrichment ideas stretches our minds and

on a 'use it or lose it' basis, this has got to be a

good thing. On a spiritual level there is a great

deal of enjoyment and positive wellbeing that we

gain from enriching our donkey's environment and

great deal of comfort we get from seeing them

happier and healthier. All of these things take a

little bit of physical exercise, to move things,

produce things, create things, change things, and

that physical exercise has got to be a good thing

for us too. So you see enriching our donkey's

environment also enriches our own.

Try the 'do one thing'


Just think of one thing each day that

you can do different in your animal's

environment and change it. From

there develop a seven or fourteen day

programme and just write down the

things that you want to change or

move or create and rotate them on a

seven to fourteen day basis so there

is always something new or novel

being introduced to the donkey's



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