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Move things around, put food in different places, access to different

water sources, and change the parts of the environment the animal

can gain access to. Move location of feed scources, move logs and

other toys on a daily or weekly basis. Move to different areas for

grooming and training.


Renew the toys, just like children familiar toys become boring,

change toys, and introduce novel objects, in and out of the

animals' environment on a regular basis.


Refresh those logs, change them as soon as the donkeys have

eaten the bark and lose interest, refresh branches, salt licks,

buckets, toys etc, simply by cleaning them.


invent new ways of presenting enrichment ideas. Put a couple of

pieces of carrot at the bottom of that welling boot, hide small

pieces of apple in the straw, put small hazel branches at





Try to keep things natural, think of what the donkey naturally

needs. If you can meet their natural needs they remain happier and



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