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If leading people through times of stability has its challenges, what is

required of us in times of change, when outcomes and multiple forces

impact on our plans? How do we help people in times of uncertainty?

How do we remain agile enough to flex with change and certain

enough to stick to the plan? What if the rate of change was going to

increase exponentially for the rest of our lives - wouldn't we want to

master it?

This talk takes an amusing and insightful look into the fascinating

medium of change.

• Leading through Change

• The D.N.A. of Confidence

What else could we accomplish if we knew how to grow our confidence?

How would that effect us in our work, in our relationships, as parents and

with every new venture we wanted to explore? What if we knew the D.N.A of

confidence, where it comes from and what makes it thrive?

This keynote uses mime, storytelling, interactivity and comedy to give the

D.N.A of Confidence and help us walk away with strategies we can employ

everywhere in life for the rest of life.

• Universal Effectiveness

There are 3 Core skills which underpin all inter-personal effectiveness.

When these are mastered you become virtually unstoppable.

Packed with stories, examples and theatre, this keynote introduces the

skills, shows you how and where they apply and leaves you with tools

and techniques to play with.

Richard Jacobs

Keynote Speaker

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