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This multiple award-winning process is a

shift-load of fun. If you want to pop your

people to the next level, keep them

talking about the event for months and

make sure you solve some of the most

pressing and impactful issues your

people face on a day to day basis, do


If you have a particular set of issues you would like to shift or a

new level you want to attain a piece of InterAct can be written,

and devised for you.

• Bespoke

• From Politics to Purpose

• Grace Under Pressure

• Elegant Shift

128 toxins are released in the bloodstream through stress and

negative thinking. It is the biggest issue in the workplace today

and the most expensive, personally and financially. This hilarious

look at the subject gives people a chance to pop their stress

permanently. The session also gives tools and techniques to

sustain the change.

Every workplace suffers from office politics. We all know it, We all

see it and… we do nothing about it. Politics is the opposite of

progress. Now you can pop this issue once and for all. Nobody

gets blamed and everyone has a good time doing it. InterAct…

laugh your way from solution to solution.

Seneca said "Change itself is easy, It's resistance to Change that

causes pain". This high action session enables you and your

people to overcome resistance to change, help people through

uncertainty and avoid the costly pitfalls along the way. Elegant

shift takes the toughest of dynamics and makes it fun.

"InterAct totally changed our relationship to

the way we develop our people"

Head of learning

Coca Cola Enterprises

Richard Jacobs

Keynote Speaker

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