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Change comes in waves. The waves are getting faster

and faster now, bigger and bigger. Have you ever been

hit by a big wave? It can really hurt. Most people don't

like change. They try to 'get through it', bear the brunt

of the wave and try to get back to normal. There is no

normal anymore.

With the speeding up of the waves comes a choice…

do we suffer each one to hit us and eventually

succumb or do we learn to ride the wave and become

Change Surfers? Suffer or Surf?

That is the choice facing every sizeable organisation on

the planet today. Nobody trains us to work with change

and yet we know it's inevitable.

This book takes the lessons from designing awardwinning change programmes

for over 20 years and

gives them back in an easy to action guide-book. The

principles and techniques in these pages are the

unconventional strategies that lead to real, tangible,

measurable change. The kind of change that helps

helps companies, individuals and organisations thrive,

improves people's lives and leaves a legacy of wellbeing.

Do you have to give up up everything to engage in your

adventures or can you integrate them with family, job,

mortgage - the works? What if, what you learned on

these adventures renders the rest of life

adventuresome? What if we could learn lessons riding

across the great landscapes of the world, tackling hills

and headwinds and apply those lessons in the

challenges, hills and headwinds of our lives? What if

our posture, breathing, appreciation of the moment and

a myriad of other lessons come to a point of lucidity in

the saddle which illuminate the forgotten, routine-filled

places of the psyche?

Adventure cycling is a metaphor for living. It is a rolling

meditation into the sense of adventure we sought and

craved growing up but felt we grew out of. We may

have lost the habit but the flavour is still on the tip of

the tongue. Rides of Passage tickles those familiar

taste-buds. With it we cultivate the same keen inner

wisdom and insight which may take us half a lifetime of

navel gazing to procure and it does so with humour,

depth and the occasional flash of lycra.

Life is not a rehearsal, it's a ride.

If you go through life without knowing and living

your Purpose, you have missed the point. Don't

miss the point, answer the 7 questions.

Does it take a lifetime sitting on a Tibetan mountain

top and contemplating the nature of the universe to

find your Purpose in life? How could it? Your

Purpose is in you. It always has been.

All you need, therefore is a search engine which

takes you beyond your education, parenting, and

societal projections into the real, authentic you.

The opposite of Purposeful is purposeless. It's your

life - which one would you rather experience?

This book helps you find and live your most

compelling relationship to life, and it does it in 90


7 Questions that will

change your life.

Suffer or Surf? The Adventure of Being

Richard Jacobs

Keynote Speaker

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