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Reading across the Curriculum STEAM


Unit Theme Title Vocabulary Reading Page

1 Places and activities Happy at school Places at school A story 4

2 We love our places Go, go, go! Means of transport An email 8

3 The world around us Changing weather Weather A comic strip 12

4 Fun and games Let's party! Action words with '-ing' A conversation 16

5 The world around us The four seasons Seasons;


A web page 20

6 Using my five senses What we wear Clothing A poem 24

Reading skill 1 Finding keywords 28

Reading skill 2 Understanding rhyming words 29

7 Me and my family My sweet home Housework A magazine article 30

8 Me and my friends What are your friends like? Personality adjectives A script of a speech 34

9 Food and drink What we eat and drink Food and drink Restaurant reviews 38

10 Food and drink Enjoy the food Quantity of food and drink A play script 42

11 Fun and games Come and play! Sports and activities A notice 46

12 Using my five senses Day and night Time;

Parts of the day

A book's back cover 50

Reading skill 3 Recognizing common abbreviations 54

Reading skill 4 Guessing what happens next 55

Word list 56

List of text types (P1-6) 59







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