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Reading Skill 3


Recognizing common abbreviations

An abbreviation is the short form of a word. Sometimes, we add a

dot at the end of an abbreviation.

Read the text carefully. Choose the best answer by blackening the

circle. Scan the QR code to see how to apply the skill.

(1) Days of the week

e.g. Sun. = Sunday

(2) Months of the year

e.g. Jan. = January

(3) Times of the day

e.g. a.m. = in the morning

(4) Floors

e.g. G/F = ground floor

How long is Winnie's swimming lesson?

A 30 mins.

B 45 mins.

C 1 hr.

D 1 hr. 15 mins.

Winnie loves sport. On Monday, she has

swimming lessons from half past six to a quarter

past seven. On Wednesday, she plays tennis for

an hour after school. On Saturday, she goes

cycling from ten o'clock to a quarter to eleven.



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