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Alex is reading a comic strip about the weather. Read the comic strip.


Oh no! It's rainy! The weather

changes and changes. Why?

Rain gives us water.

It's good to have rain.

Rain, rain, go away. Little

Henry wants to play …

It's snowy! Let's

make a snowman!

The sun, the wind and water

droplets in the air change the

weather. Look at this book.

It's cold!It's hot!

It's windy. HELP!

The earth moves around the sun.

Some places face the sun. Some

places are far away from the sun.

❶ It is sunny. Little Henry wants

to play. He is getting ready.

❽ After 10 minutes

❺ The air moves and makes

the wind blow.

❻ Water droplets form clouds

in the sky. They fall as rain

or as snow in cold places.


Unit 3

Date: Date:

Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Circle the correct letters.

❶ There are water droplets in the air. T / F

❷ The sun moves around the earth. T / F

Choose the best answer by blackening the circle.

❸ Look at this picture. Children can make it on a ______ day.

A rainy

B snowy

C sunny

D windy

❹ What does rain give us?


❺ Look at Picture 8. Which word rhymes with 'away'?

A Henry

B play

C rain

D wants

Write the correct answers.

❻ In the comic strip, the weather is (a) at the

beginning. Then it becomes (b) .

❼ How does Henry feel at the end?

He feels .

Reading skill (2) p. 29

Look at Henry's face

in Pictures 7 and 8.

Does he look happy?




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