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The most admired


● We use more … than to compare two people or things.

Holly is more patient than Brian.

● We use the most to compare three or more people or things.

Tokyo is the most populated city in the world.

● We use more … than and the most for adjectives with two or more

than two syllables.

powerful ➜ more powerful than ➜ the most powerful

Gra�ar at a glance

Let's pr�fread

A Underline the mistakes and write the correct words in the blanks. Put

a tick (✓) if the sentence is correct.

1 Tammy is more careful than Rita in her work. 1

2 Miss Ng is most friendly than Miss Chan at school. 2

3 Our parents are the most important people in 3

our lives.

4 Wesley is the most punctualest person among our 4

classmates. He is never late for school.

5 Childbirth is the more beautiful moment in life. 5

6 'Board games are more excite than video games,' 6

James Poon said.

7 Adele's paintings are more colourful than other 7

children's paintings.

8 'Having a beautiful heart is most useful than 8

having a lot of money,' Mrs Kwan said.

9 Victor is the more interesting person in our class.

He can tell funny jokes.





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