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A Complete the thank-you card using adverbs of frequency.

B Complete the leaflet using the phrases of quantity of food items.

Jolly Mart's

Clearance Sale

Everything must go! 1  chocolate only cost $10.

2  bananas is $5. Buy 3

bread now to get 4  honey for free. There are also

5  Japanese milk left. 6

our famous golden corn soup only costs $8. Visit Jolly Mart now before you

miss all of them!

Dear Miss Chan,

Happy Teachers' Day! You are 1  a role model for students.

Every day, you show your kindness and patience.

2  we hand in our homework late because we are tired or

lazy. You 3  get mad, but you encourage us to do better

next time. Before exams, you 4  give us revision lessons

on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I 5  write thank-you cards. (I just wrote two thank-you

cards before!) But I really want to thank you!

Best wishes,


Q4: Before exams, Miss Chan gives revision lessons on most

of the school days. How often does she give the lessons?



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