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B Complete the biography using 'more … than', 'the most …' and the correct

forms of the words in the brackets.

Biography of Jeff Wong

Football is probably 1  (important) thing

to Jeff because he always enjoys playing football. It is still unbelievable to

him that he is now 2  (famous) young

footballer. Jeff Wong, aged 26, is now the captain of Jolly City Football Team.

Jeff first joined a football team when he was in Primary 4. He was always

3  (hard-working) his teammates.

Every day, he spent hours practising his football skills. He was always

4  (dedicated) boy on the pitch. He

passes the ball 5  (powerful) the others.

Jeff became a full-time professional footballer and became a member

of Jolly City Football Team at the age of 18. Last year, he became

6  (young) captain of the team.

Jeff is a helpful and generous man. Many football players may look

7  (attractive) him, but he is

8  (kind-hearted) amongst them. He is

a volunteer of a food bank and he donates a lot of money.

His hard work, enthusiasm and kind heart make him a bright star and

9  (successful) young captain now.

A biography is the story of a person's life. We write about his/her facts,

background information and important events in his/her life. We use the

simple past tense to talk about past events in a biography.

Text Gra�ar

Q6: 'Young' is a one-syllable adjective. What is the

comparative/superlative of this adjective?


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