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B Complete the conversation using '… dollars … cents', 'how much' and the

words in the box. (18 marks)

C Complete the forum posts using indefinite pronouns and the correct forms

of the words in the brackets. (14 marks)

a few a little bunch loaf too many too much

Dad: Rex, please buy some milk and a 1  of bread

Rex: 2  are they?

Dad: A carton of milk is 3  ($8.10) and the bread

is 4  ($15.50). Please buy some fruit too.

There's just 5  apples left.

Rex: How about buying a 6  of bananas?

Dad: No problem.

Rex: 7  are all the things?

Dad: I'm not sure. But don't bring 8  money. I think

9  ($100.00) is enough.

Topic: Summer School

I 1  (join) the summer school in Taiwan in July.

Is there 2  who want to join it? It seems interesting.

Let me 3  (quick) submit the application form!


It's 4  (sad) that I cannot join the summer school

because I 5  (visit) my grandparents in America. But

6  in my class joined the programme last year. He

suggested we apply as 7  (early) as possible.




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Marks: ________________ /124


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