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Writing 3

Play scr pts

When people perform a story on stage, we call it a play. A play script is the

written text of a play. We can find dialogues and stage directions in a play

script. They tell actors and actresses what to say and how to move in the play.

We can picture what the play is like when we read the play script.

Text type

The time machine

Characters Stephen, Nathan, Janice, Michelle

Setting A fast-food shop at noon

Scene 2 The teenagers take Stephen to the fast-food shop.

They have ordered some food to share.

Stephen: (Munching) This burger tastes so good! I wish food

was this tasty 100 years ago.

Nathan: 100 years ago? What do you mean?

Stephen: (Lowers his voice) Let me tell you the truth-I'm from

100 years ago. My time machine has brought me here

by mistake.

Nathan: (Exclaims) What?

Michelle: (Exclaims) Are you kidding?

Janice: (In a calm voice) Well, I'm not surprised. His face and

his clothes say it all. He's obviously from the past.

Stephen: Thank you for believing me. You three are the only

ones I know in the 2020s. You must help me. I need to

find my time machine and return to my world.

Nathan: We're willing to help, but we don't even know what

your time machine looks like.

Michelle: Do you have a picture of it? Or can you draw it?

Stephen: Don't worry! I have something even better-a photo

of it! (Takes out the photo from his jacket pocket)

Luckily, I was wearing this jacket when the machine

was on.

Janice: (Studies the photo carefully) It's in black and white,

but we can still see the machine clearly.

Nathan: That's great! Now what should we do to find this time


People in

the play

Title of

the play

Tell the


what they

should do

on stage






what is


to the



and time

the scene






in plays


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