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You are Amelia. You want to write the ending of the play. Read Scene 1

on p. 38 and Scene 2 on p. 42 again. Complete the flow chart below to

brainstorm some ideas.

Title of the play: The time machine



About Scene 3: The characters have received news

that the time machine is .

They have arrived at the site and are looking for the


In Scene 2, the characters

have a photo of the time

machine. How can they

make use of it? How

can they make use of

Nathan's smartphone?


When and where does

the scene take place?


Can the characters find the machine? What happens in

the end?

What method(s) did the characters use to find the time


How did other people help on the Internet?

More words to learn

online forum check messages museum point to

social networking site publish a post theme park rush to


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