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4 What happens next?

The process between booking and paying your deposit for a cruise, and actually

getting on the ship, is quite straightforward and there is very little to be done.

So there may be many weeks of no contact, which is quite normal, but can cause

some customers feel a little uneasy. Please remember that, generally, no news is

good news.

You can utilise this guide at all stages of the process, which is outlined as follows:

Initial Booking

This is the point where you agree to proceed

and book your cruise with Jetline.

You may have paid a deposit only at this

stage or, if you cruise is sailing within 14

weeks, you will have paid for your holiday

in full.

Initially you would have received an

acknowledgement e-mail explaining that

your confirmation will be with you within the

following 7 - 10 days. There may be several

elements to your booking, each of which

must be checked and confirmed.

7 - 10 days after Booking

You will receive your detailed confirmation

which you should check thoroughly to ensure

that all dates and details are correct. It is

important that any errors or concerns should

be reported to us immediately at this point as

changes can be difficult to make any later in

the process. If all is correct, there is no need

to sign anything or call us. The cruise line,

airline (if there is one) and any other ancillary

supplier will have a confirmed record of your

booking. In particular please check:

All names are spelt correctly (exactly as

they appear in your passports)

Dates and itineraries are correct

Have all elements been included,

including excursions, hotels and transfers,

if booked.

Dining Options (except for cruises with

free-style dining only)

If your booking includes a flight or flights,

you will receive an ATOL certificate

(please see right for all you all you need

to know about these).

Between receiving you confirmation and

paying your balance there will be little

contact from us, which is normal. However,

if you have any queries that cannot be

answered by this guide or by visiting the

cruise line website (details later in this guide)

then please call our Customer Services Dept

on 0203 617 5815.

You may wish to use this time to research any

excursions that are available on your cruise.

Please use the cruise line website for a list

of these, and advice on how to book them.

Details of the web addresses are listed later

in this guide. Please note that availability can

be limited so early booking is advised.

You may also need to find out if you need

any visas or an ESTA for travel to the U.S.A.

Please see page 28 of this guide for advice.

14 weeks before Departure

You will be contacted to pay any outstanding

balance of the holiday.

7 - 10 days prior to Departure

You will receive your tickets (or vouchers) for

your holiday.

Most cruise lines and airlines now only use

electronic tickets (or vouchers) and you will

not receive tickets in the traditional formats of

the past. We understand that this continues

to feel lacking to some people, but please

rest assured that you will have received

everything you need.

Between Receiving Tickets

and Departure

If you have not already done so, it is

necessary to access your bookings on both

your cruise line and your airline (if included)

as you will need to complete essential

information. Advice on how to log-on to

suppliers' web-sites is on page 5 of this

guide. The sites will also advise you when

you can check-in, and whether this should be

done on-line. For some airlines, there is a fee

to check in at the airport, so on-line check-in

is advised.

N.B. Please do this at least 7 days prior to

departure to ensure that everything is in


It is advisable to print off all of your tickets

and/or vouchers and any relevant insurance

documents ready for departure.

What is an ATOL certificate?

Firstly, you will only need an ATOL

certificate when Jetline Cruise has arranged

a flight as part of the booking. 'Cruise

Only' customers will not need an ATOL

certificate and any reference to one in any

documentation can be ignored.

All holidays booked by Jetline Cruise that

have flights included are protected by

our Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL)

number 6153.

The ATOL certificate tells you:

• What is protected by ATOL

• Who is covered

• Who is providing the protection (our details

and ATOL number).

• It is recommended that you print off your

ATOL certificate and take it with you on

your holiday.

If you do have flights included in your

holiday package booked by Jetline Cruise

and you have not received an ATOL

certificate then

please call our

Customer Services

Department on

0203 617 5815.

For further


please see -



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