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8 When will i receive my travel


The majority of Travel Suppliers are now

paperless and when you receive your

booking confirmation and receipt, you

should not expect to receive hard copy

tickets. Where tickets are required, these

are generally issued by the supplier 7-10

days prior to departure and NOT at the

time of booking. Many bookings are

made several months prior to departure

and it is not practical to issue documents

early which may be subject to later


Flights: All you need is your flight

booking reference. You can then

go online (usually 24 hours prior to

departure) to select seats and print your

boarding passes.

If you do not have a printer, this can be

done at the airport. **

** With the exception of Ryanair who

make a charge for printing your boarding


N.B. Jetline does not pre-book your fight

seats unless requested to do so.

Cruises: Most cruise lines require that

you log on to their system and complete

a "Cruise Personaliser". You will be

able to view your itinerary, access other

information, book shore excursions, etc.

If your cruise line does send tickets, these

will be 7-10 days prior to departure as

described above.

Other docs: Train tickets, hotel vouchers,

transfer vouchers, etc. These are generally

sent to you as email attachments.

What should i know about

Amtrak train journeys?

(This applies only if you have an AMTRAK

journey as part of your travel. It does

not relate to other rail travel, e.g.

Rocky Mountaineer). Amtrak operate

a maximum baggage policy, and this

can be reviewed at

baggage-policy. You will need to

carry your passport when travelling

on Amtrak. Trains should operate as

per your confirmation, but unforeseen

circumstances could affect your journey.

We recommend that you contact Amtrak

on 0800 872 7245 (US number) 24 hours

prior to travel to reconfirm your

departure time.

If you have more than one leg to your

journey, failure to check in for the first leg

will result in the whole journey

being cancelled.

If you are travelling from Niagara Falls,

Canada, to New York you will stop at the

border to clear immigration (see VISAS

above) which could take approx. 2 hours.

This is included in the journey time and will

not affect your arrival time. However, it can

take longer if there is an unusually high

volume of passengers to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hotel resort charges?

Resort fees and City Tourist Taxes are

now charged by hotels in some parts of

the world. These charges are determined

by the hotel or city council and are

subject to change. They cannot be

prepaid and are beyond the control of

Jetline Cruise.

What are my baggage


Airlines: Each airline has its own baggage

allowances for both hold and carry-on

luggage. We advise that you check on

your flight carrier's website which will

give you their permitted weights and

dimensions. Should you exceed these

allowances it will be your responsibility to

cover any excess baggage charges that

may be incurred.

If you have internal fights booked with

a different airline, these may differ from

your international flight allowances.

Please make sure that you take this into


N.B. US airlines no longer include any

checked baggage allowance for internal

domestic flights. Please check your

carrier's website for charges payable at


Cruise Lines and Trains: It is important to

check that all of your carrier's baggage

allowances have been taken into

consideration. For example, Amtrak have

a maximum baggage policy (see left).


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