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Acclimatisation of material

It's important to remove Palio Clic from its packaging at least

48 hours before installation to allow the product to acclimatise.

Room temperature should be between 18-26°C.

Tiles and planks may be stacked, but must be rested flat.


All subfloors should be solid, smooth, sound, clean, dry and

dust-free before installation.

Palio Clic will go over the following floor types*:

• Concrete

• Tiles - Quarry, Mosaics, Terrazzo, Ceramics

• Wooden/ Timber floors

• Linoleum/Vinyl/Cork Floors

• Metal and Painted Floors

*see installation guidelines for full details


An underlayment is not required for installation but can be used

if additional sound insulation is required.



You need to allow a gap of 5mm around the edge of your room

and all fixed objects, including pipes for expansion.

Plank products should be laid with

staggered joints, at a distance of at

least 100mm.

Tile products should be laid in a

brick bond to give the floor maximum

stability and enhance the aesthetics

of the floor.


Do not use Palio Clic in rooms that are exposed to large

temperature fluctuations.


For a successful installation the following tools will be necessary:

Rubber mallet, utility knife, wall spacers, carpenter's square, hand

roller (optional), pull bar.


Taking care of your floor

• Regularly sweep the floor to remove loose dirt or grit as these

can cause fine scratches

• For a thorough clean, use a pH neutral cleaner such as

Karndean Clean. Avoid the use of regular household cleaners

and bleach-based detergents.

• Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture. We

recommend Turtle Mat.

For more details on looking after your floor visit

Things to know about Palio Clic

100mm min.



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