River Ure Restoration Jervaulx Feasibility Study


Exploring options for

reconnecting the River Ure

with its floodplain on the

Jervaulx Estate, the aim of the

study was to deliver multiple

benefits for ecology, fisheries,

hydromorphology, flood risk

management, and amenity.

The feasibility study looked to

inform ways of:

• Improving river form and

function, e.g. improve inchannel morphological

conditions and riparian habitat

to support biota and fish. This

includes the opportunity to

address spawning habitat for

lamprey and help to locally

address channel instability

issues with sediment transport

and erosion.

• Enabling greater long-term

lateral river movement, reconnecting the river

to its

floodplain and alleviating flood

peaks through Natural Flood


• Creating and enhancing wet

grassland and other habitats

linked with ephemeral or relic

floodplain features.

River restoration



River Ure Restoration Jervaulx Feasibility Study

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Jervaulx Project Partners Group, which consists of the Yorkshire

Dales Rivers Trust, Natural England, Environment Agency and

North Yorkshire County Council, asked us to prepare a River

Restoration Plan for a section of the River Ure in North Yorkshire.

Looking at land use and making space for water options under

Countryside Stewardship, the project was to re-naturalise the

river and its floodplain in this location whilst not adversely

affecting (and ideally reducing) flood risk downstream.

The River Ure is an active meandering river and has long been

the cause of significant erosion of the river banks, threatening

the flood embankments which line both banks within the reach.

These banks have been in place for at least 150 years and are

the main reason that the present river channel is disconnected

from its floodplain.


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  1. River Ure Restoration Jervaulx Feasibility Study
  2. River Ure Restoration Jervaulx Feasibility Study

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