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Our geomorphologists, ecologists and fisheries experts

developed a river restoration plan for the River Teme,

a tributary of the River Severn which passes through

Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire, with its

headwaters in the Welsh borders.

Natural England's vision for the River Teme is to return it to

a more natural condition by restoring the natural form and

function of the river and its floodplain over the next 50 years.


A total of 134km of the River

Teme was designated as

a Special Site of Scientific

Interest (SSSI) in 1996.

110km flows in England with

approximately 5km of the

River Clun. This combined

river length forms the study

area for this project.

The existing condition of the

Teme is influenced by physicochemical, hydrological,

biological and physical

factors. The majority of the

SSSI remains classified as

'unfavourable recovering' due

primarily to physical system

modification including, weirs,

mills, hydropower, bridges,

deflectors, revetment,

embankments, invasive

species and disease.

Overall the project aimed to

address physical habitat

issues and devise an

appropriate whole river

restoration plan to be

implemented on the ground.

Based on a detailed scientific

understanding of the river

and floodplain, the river

restoration plan set out a

means to which the recovery

of the SSSI could be achieved

in the long term.



Restoring the River Teme SSSI


Natural England


River Teme,



Feasibility Stage,


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