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Why are you so late


● We use why to ask for reasons.

Why are you sad?

Why does he have many friends?

● We use because to give reasons.

Why do you bring an umbrella?

Because it is raining.

Gra�ar at a glance

Let's pr�fread

A Underline the mistakes and write the correct words in the blanks. Put

a tick (✓) if the sentence is correct.

1(a) Q: Why are you tired? 1a

1(b) A: But I go hiking today. 1b

2(a) Q: What do you wear sunglasses? 2a

2(b) A: because it's sunny. 2b

3(a) Q: How can you hold this heavy box? 3a

3(b) A: Because I'm strong. 3b

4(a) Q: Why do Sally like animals? 4a

4(b) A: Because she has two cute pets at home. 4b

5(a) Q: When does Jimmy go to the children centre 5a


5(b) A: Because his painting class start at 10 a.m. 5b

but he is late.

6(a) 'Why do you go to sleep early?' Mum asks. 6a

6(b) 'And I'm not feeling well,' Jacob answers. 6b



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