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B Complete the play script using 'why', 'because' and the words in the box.

I go to the department store after school I want to buy a gift for Dad

it's Dad's birthday today I'm busy with the housework

we can make a birthday cake together

A play script is a piece of writing for people to perform. In a play script,

stage directions tell actors and actresses how to speak or move. We use the

simple present tense or the present continuous tense in the stage directions.

Text Gra´┐Żar

Scene 1

Jack arrives home after school. He is talking to Mum in the sitting room.

Jack: (Putting a shopping bag on the sofa) Mum, I'm home!

Mum: (Feeling worried) Why are you so late today?

Jack: 1

Mum: Why do you go to the department store?

Jack: 2

(Jack takes out a jacket from the shopping bag.) Look!

Mum: It's nice, but why do you buy a gift for him?

Jack: 3

Mum: Oh, yes! It's the twenty-ninth of May.

Jack: 4  do you forget Dad's birthday?

Mum: 5

Oh, no! I don't have a gift for your dad.

Jack: Don't worry, Mum. (Jack's eyes light up. He rushes into the kitchen.)

Mum: 6  do you go into the kitchen?

Jack: 7

Q7: What does Jack plan to do in the kitchen?


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