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Final Test


A Complete the conversation with the correct question words, prepositions

and date in the bracket. (12 marks)

Mr Tam: Let's organize some activities 1  December.

Mrs Au: Sure! 2  activities do you want to organize?

Mr Tam: How about holding a Christmas party and a talent show?

Mrs Au: Great! 3  do you want to hold the activities?

Mr Tam: Let's have the talent show on 4  (10/12)

and the party 5  the eighteenth of December.

Mrs Au: No problem. We can have the party 6  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

B Complete Andrew's speech with the correct object pronouns and

prepositions. (14 marks)

Our group wants to act as some sea animals in the talent show. We had

a rehearsal yesterday.

Jenny was the crab and Tim was the shrimp. They stood 1

each other. I was the octopus. I stood 2  Jenny and Tim and

led 3  to sing.

Angel and Ricky danced. Angel was the jellyfish. She was very shy. She

danced 4  Ricky.

We invited Mr Tam and Mrs Au to our rehearsal. Emily was the fish. She

stood 5  the teachers and gave 6  Christmas

cards. Our teachers were happy. They smiled at 7 .

Mr Tam


Mrs Au








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